China's paper industry 12 five year plan development trend analysis
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China's paper industry 12 five year plan development trend analysis

International, such as the European and American countries traditional papermaking power is taking two strategy from developing countries pressure of competition. One is by setting up trade barriers, use of anti-dumping and countervailing (hereinafter referred to as "the two sides"), and other trade means, weaken the import products to the local product competitive advantage; 2 it is declared imported products from "illegal logging", retailers and consumers to induce by using this product to give up. Last year, the United States and the European Union have spread to Chinese export paper "double reverse" survey. In future development, Chinese enterprises have to realize that, once the domestic market saturation, and foreign markets and removing all the gate, if not a collective cope with strategy, the subsequent development in danger. At the same time, we also have to see, trade barriers has been from the past tariff barriers evolution to green barriers and so on many kinds of form, some developed countries have a vested interest groups to be strong enough, even under the name of environmental protection to apply pressure. China's paper not only to the domestic enterprises in the competition of common progress, also need in foreign trade join hands, consistent foreign.
In addition to the pressure on the international market, from, the papermaking industry faces other challenges, the situation is very complex. Such as paper with higher demand environment and resources constraint, the conflict between home and abroad, and the balance of the raw material supply in the productivity of backward under the goal, how to realize the local interests and the entire industry coordination between the progress. In addition, there are quite a number of people to paper industry is not comprehensive understanding to the similar eucalyptus plantations of such a misreading, etc, it also means for the development of the industry's problems in the paper and a false statement in the short term and the long term mixed and problem intertwined, and structural problems and resource problems coexist, domestic and international issues such as the situation exists. 12 five year plan period, the papermaking industry must have the courage to face challenges, properly balancing the demand.
For paper industry is concerned, to the future of sustainable development, and the practice of pure natural resources consumed not desirable, must adjust the structure. This includes both through the "Lin paper manufacutring integration" to alleviate the raw material supply difficulties, including adjusting the papermaking enterprises and product structure of the category, and better meet the needs of the market, it has to be constantly increasing enterprise research and development and the equipment investment to improve quality. At the same time, through clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction, enterprise public welfare activities and so on many kinds of means, reduce the pollution, and contribute to the community, realize the green development cycle.
In the eleventh five-year plan period, China has made rapid development of the industry, and successfully completed the backward productivity tasks. Looking to the twelfth five-year plan, China will enter the firm is expected to industry growth, the structure, grasp the key to energy conservation and emissions reduction stage of development.

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