Special color printing to four color conversion
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Special color printing to four color conversion

1. Special color of color name is unified. In different software, for exactly the same two matching color, the name may be different. If the FreeHand PANIONEI 1 F5 named PANTONE 1 F5CVC or PANIONE 1 F5CVV, and is named PageMaker PANTONE 1 F5CV. That way, when the FreeHand graphics object into PageMaker in typesetting, the same color will have three names, color separation output will produce the three piece of plate, causing the output error. So, if the data files need in two or more software in use, in the integrated color separation output before, must note: same unity must use of special color name. More commonly used method is based on the software publishing color name shall prevail, will be the same name of special color in the palette of all kinds of software to the name of the named unity.

2. In the general-screening point of view. Usually special color printing methods are to the ground, very few outlets to deal with, so general rarely mentioned in the general-screening point of view. But when the use of the shallow network taose color, will be the existence of special color networks and network point of the design and modification. If there are points of the special color printing with other outlets have dieyin the color of the region, must consider in the general-screening point of view. At this point, if the special color of the network and network perspective and other color and network point form of less than 30 degree Angle, can appear bump nets or produce turtle lines; If overlapping point, it will lead to ink dieyin problems, which will cause color print a serious distortion. In addition, the special color and network perspective in software in general will default to 45 degrees (45 degrees are regarded as the human eye is the most comfortable perception Angle that outlets are arranged in and level and vertical line into equal the direction of the Angle of the human eye can reduce network detection capabilities), if a double tone images and data file both four-color printing black into the (usually in a net increase in four color printing, the black site in 45 degrees, yellow for 0 degrees, magenta for 15 degrees, green for 75 degrees), and a special color, or is there are two or more special color, the color separation and network in will with 45 degrees of output, so to use special color in shallow nets, if possible and other and network have dieyin color, be in color separation output open when software color print set set or dialog box, the general-screening point modified.

3. Special color printing to four color conversion. Many designers do graphic design, often can use some special colored in the library to define the color and color shading treatment, and in color separation and transforming them into CMYK printing four color. At this time, the need to pay attention to three things: a is designed this domain more than four sexy printing field, in the conversion process, some special color is not born after fidelity, and will lose some color information; 2 it is must be in the choice of output "special color conversion become four color" choice, it could lead to output error; Three is don't think special color display of the Numbers CMYK color numerical ratio can let you with the same CMYK ingredients of four color printing ink to the reappearance of special color effect (if can needn't special color), and in fact if it is, the color will get in on hue had the very big disparity.

4. Of special color trap processing. Due to the special color is different from four color printing (four color printing ink dieyin generated by each other JianSe, namely the ink has transparency), when using, usually not to two of special color dieyin generates a JianSe, intuitively that would get very dirty color effect (of course there are exceptions, such as in the design are deliberately use special color dieyin processing produces need, stacked from the third color mixed, the third color color full, massiness and reality, such as: special color yellow embossed on the modulation of special color red, two kinds of color dieyin to produce a sedate deep red, are often used as the book's cover, etc), the definition of special color, generally don't use dieyin (Overprint) but the way let empty (Keepaway). So in the use of special color, as long as the special color graphics, next to the other color, it should consider to make appropriate trap of treatment to avoid the thief edge the happening of the problem (about special color trap method and related technical problems is relatively complex, this not etc).

5. Of special color color matching system. In selecting a computer color matching system, the first, should be clear what is special color system, which is CMYK printing system to know you to choose the color separation system in output as if there will be a color conversion and whether there is any color distortion of the happen. For example: graphics software in common use in COLOR matching system have PANTONE, TRUMATCH, FOCOLTONE, TOYO ColorFinder, ANPA-COLOR, RIC COLOR Guide etc, which TRUMATCH, FOCOL TONE and ANPA COLORR to four COLOR printing based of system development, the others all belong to the special COLOR system (PANTONE system is a broader, both covers a range of printing COLOR, also have special COLOR). This is to say, in the PANTONE special Color, TOYO Color Finder and RIC Color Guide, these special Color Color matching system, there are many Color is beyond printing four colored domain, and can not use four-color printing ink reappear, the system to provide the CMYK combination is only approximate.

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