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The main technical points of the CD silk screen

The main technical points of the CD silk screen

CD screen printing process the main character
A, screen printing CD mainly has the following several features:

1. Ink layer thickness
In the mesh of color printing, ink layer thickness and influence to the depth of color and color of ark of reduction degree and color slants size, etc. Ink layer thickness of direct "consequences" is colourful, give a person a kind of very full sense, stereo sense is stronger, this is the screen printing proud point, with large area in the field, the text and other design, screen printing is handy. In fact the compact disc printing design, especially in earlier years of products, mainly in the field, are large text as the subject, this also is catering to the characteristics of the screen printing.
Change an Angle, if back the screen printing ink layer thickness this characteristic "for" before, it is easy to imagine, the consumption of ink is larger, compared with offset printing. After screen printing ink layer after more than offset printing to thick 3 times or so, this virtually increased the cost of compact disc printing, screen printing and for some possible offset printing and so on the different printing mode can choose CDS manufacturers will tell, face different batch CD products, it is worth more.
Think again far some, ink layer thickness can also give CD printing quality bring which influence? First is the ink curing light speed is slow, followed by ink film contraction is more apparent, easy cause blanks contraction, even bend, and cause the quality problem.

2. Low accuracy
Net printing technology and by the limitation of raw materials, screen printing image accuracy can only do the highest average 133 line/inch, usually 80-12 O lines/inches, the general reappear range site order in 10% ~ 85%, the product is exquisite degree, administrative levels feeling string is not enough.

3. Low cost
Net printing becomes the compact disc printing the first choice of investors, the main reason is the equipment cost is low, in addition, some net printing consumables (such as printing ink, etc) the price also is not very high.

Second, silk screen CD the design requirements
Later film must be zhengyang figure (YaoMo to Yang figure), 100 ~ 133 line, must not exceed 133 line, recommendation 110 line
Later the central hole and round must be concentric circles
Later a graticule marker central hole, and the length of the graticule marker with no more than 10 mm is advisable
Later on film, down, left, right from the round 1 ~ 2 mm place need to a reference line, and set of reference line in the level of the film must be box vertical center line
Mark later must color symbols
Later should be cutting into appropriate size film, with 135 ~ 140 mm is advisable
Philip later had dimensions must in the 118 mm round within, not least in less than 20 mm round, best film size for 34 to 118 mm
The general later DVD not screen printing, if the DVD is best film diameter 40 mm frequency.

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