Printing plate of detailed process
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Printing plate of detailed process

1, development: recommended D-23, D-76 developer D-23 low contrast particles developer D-76 particles developer water (52 ℃) 750 ml 750 ml meters, vomit (beauty) 7.5 g 2.0 g without water sodium sulfite, 100.0 g 100.0 g hydroquinone (strong Ann) 5.0 g borax 2.0 g add water to 1000 ml 1000 ml when making up, must according to the above order by dissolving prefiltration and use, need not diluted, temperature 20 ℃, imaging time 6-10 minutes. The contrast between the film with the development and change stirring strength, mixing faster, the higher the contrast. The developing process should be controlled mixing strength. If necessary, can be appropriately extended development time to improve GanGuangDu film.
2, stop shadow: this is to stop the process of development, the developed into 2% glacial acetic acid solution will film, time 20 seconds.
3, upper fuser: recommended F-5 acid liquid sulfur and spread of sodium (hypo) 240.0 g without water sodium sulfite, 15.0 g 28% glacial acetic acid 48 ml boric acid 7.5 g k "15.0 g add water to the 1000 ml fuser film is to get rid of the role of photographic emulsions without, so to ensure that all these emulsion clean. Using fresh acidity fuser liquid, 5-10 minutes from time.
4 and water: with flowing water rinse, for at least 15 minutes or more.
5, dry: to avoid dry produce and influence the production of w. photos, can use special sponge (foam plastics) or squeeze dry water chunks of absorbent cotton gently dry on the one-sided stain, then hang to dry, also can be in temperature 30 to 40 ℃ dry ark or under normal temperature, the clean in the clean and dry.

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