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China's printing industry and international level difference

Printing industry is China's important industrial categories, and also one of China's most active industrial technology reform one of the areas, maintaining a high and sustainable development. According to the data reported, 2001 years state-owned printing enterprise with 82189 employees more than 300, the national printing gross industrial output value of RMB 144.789 billion. With demand for printing and printing technology requirements unceasing enhancement, some foreign enterprise in China. For in the competitions, many local enterprise a lot into high printing technology and equipment, and to make China's printing industry in general and the developed countries of the technical level of the increasingly close. But because China's most supporting roller manufacturers small production scale, technical level is limited, at present introduces import models, the supporting roller and water ink roll basic imported.

In view of this situation, Beijing university of chemical industry development suitable for high speed high performance of a press printing rollers elastomer composites, develop the extrusion winding method plastic roller production technology, high performance of the preparation of the low cost printing rollers can meet the demand of market, and has reached the international advanced level, and the dependence on imported technology to change the status quo.

Use this technology to produce 25-99 degree all kinds of printing plastic roller, in Heidelberg, man Roland, mitsubishi and Shanghai guanghua printing machinery famous brand such as high-speed printing machines are used for long experience, many domestic and foreign high-speed printing presses the authentication, think can completely replace the imported products and the production of products imported technology.

Because of the production in accordance with this technology printing rollers performance to price is better than the international advanced level, has been confirmed by many printing users, and domestic printing machine and needed high-grade plastic roller and its supporting, so we have reason to believe that, this product will eventually in domestic high speed machine for overall applications. In addition, the product technical advantages are still can export, mitsubishi company of our product recognition is a case in point. This shows, the technology is very broad market prospect and good economic and social benefits.

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