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South Africa's first print braille id card
South Africa recently launched a new electronic id, provides the special card for the blind, the card will have braille.Eight of the blind civil affairs department received the card from South Africa for the first time.
With braille identification card will be able to help the blind and vision disability differentiate card class, in the use of identity CARDS, that will not in the blind to others confirm, whether their id card.
The card by the civil affairs department and printing factory in collaboration with the blind community development, the blind braille design community government.For the blind braille identification card, can let the blind more independence, more respect for the blind.
SACB is involved in the design of the card, SACB researchers think, other government departments and the private sector should be encouraged to launch such initiatives, to let the blind can get more into the society, serve the society.Also said the South African government, launched the blind identification is an attempt to create a better life for the blind.
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