The traditional print media through integration with new media to realize self-salvation
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The traditional print media through integration with new media to realize self-salvation
In traditional print media new media challenge today, in the new media developed in the United States, the traditional print media are more likely to feeling the pain from new media.Internet giant Google's advertising revenue has transcended all newspaper or magazine in the United States advertising revenue, will also continue to grow.In addition, in the United States this year job site CareerCast U.S. professional forecast report, published by a newspaper reporter salary is low, the reason such as the pressure was rated as the nation's worst job, and the newspaper reporter to take a pay cut the main economic source and the traditional print advertising revenue is eating into a big new media relations.
At the same time, the United States some old traditional print in experience painful changes, too.80 - year - old news magazine newsweek resold by his former club in 2010 the Washington post group, after first announced at the end of last year to save money, began to stop printing paper version of this year, then in August by IAC group sold to the international business daily.Newsweek plans next year, according to the latest muckraking, back to print again.In addition, in August, Washington's largest newspaper, the Washington post by electricity network, chief executive of amazon bezos individuals with $250 million, is famous for its rich businessman reported Forbes magazine also announced in November, is seeking to sell its magazines, websites, etc.
For now, the traditional print media in the United States to face the challenge of new media, mostly in adhere to the "content is king", on the basis of by seeking and the integration of new media to realize self-salvation.Both new media and traditional media, "content is king" is still is the universal law of media industry development.On the basis of this, many American mainstream media by establishing its own web site, the implementation of online content to collect fees, to develop the APP application with the new media fusion of a variety of ways to implement the transformation.
In the New York times, for example, as early as in 1995, the New York times has created their own official website, to provide global readers the entire contents of the New York times, instant messaging, etc.At present, the New York times website online newspaper has become the biggest brand, online business is growing at an annual rate of 30% to 40%.In web content aspect, the New York times for try, such as product differentiation, the paper plans to launch "charge wall 2.0" project in 2014, according to individual be fond of readers about food, reviews the content such as separate charges.According to the survey, 90% of U.S. print has released the mobile terminal APP applications.At present, including the APP, website, such as digital advertising revenue, accounts for about 11% of the total U.S. newspaper advertising revenue.
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