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Malaysia to start the printing issue activity and donated millions of copies of the Koran
Recently, Malaysia lars figure religious fund announced that it will print millions of copies of the Koran, and religious donation way, through giving millions of copies of the Koran in a donation activity, and the global distribution of the Koran in Malaysia.
, this figure, director of abdo who pushed the said, the initiative is our printing after the Koran, the part of the work.The quran will free of charge donated to those who have demand on the Koran.
Abdo who pushed her husband in an interview, introduce the donation of the Koran.Today, he said, the agency has handed out 50000 copies of the Koran to myanmar and China.Other countries also need to send.
The donation of the Koran also comes with scripture translation, at present, there has been a myanmar, the Philippines, Qatar, Thai, French, praise language, language and the state of Virginia, Virginia, Tamil and English language version of the Koran.
Lai pushed the husband said, have printed millions of copies of the Koran's plan, coordinating with the Malaysian ministry of interior finish.Is expected in Ramadan comes this year, the donation will officially start the Koran activities. (Gold Printing Group)
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