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Soft seal print before printing design matters needing attention
At present our country soft seal products at very low levels, printing quality low, coarse, Jane is given priority to, fine multicolor overprinting don't pass; At the same time, the application scope is small, the main print lines and on the ground, network live India is not a lot. Restrict soft printed on China's application and development, in addition to equipment and technical problems outside, another major reason is that designers don't understand the characteristics of soft seal technology, resulting in a lack of communication between design and printing, cannot give full play to the advantages of soft seal.
Due to the Oriental culture and cultural differences between Europe and the United States, make each product packaging on design style is quite different, and this has soft seal short-term internal by certain influence the development of our country. Europe and the United States to emphasize the concise color piece, line has strong visual impact, this kind of product is convenient by using soft printing printing. And our country BaoZhuangJie suffer from chronic gravure, offset rule and the influence, more emphasis on realistic, use a lot of realistic level design, and want to use soft printing to pursue offset, gravure printing effect, the end user will be hard to accept. So soft seal in our acceptable degree than offset and gravure.
Soft printing printing in the design, should avoid the following:
1. Avoid design is too small words and too thin lines,
2. Avoid two color or color lines and words overprint;
3. Avoid design small reverse words and lines,
4. Avoid picture highlights broken network or 1% of the small network;
5. Avoid in photoshop equipotential chart software design words or lines,
6. Avoid printing roller along the horizontal direction design width and long field and gradient;
7. Unless special requirements, avoid large area on the ground, and the dot and small text on the same page;
8. Avoid operating software is not unified. (Gold Printing Group)
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