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3 d printing technology to create infinite possibility in the future
According to the British major innovation center latest survey, 3 d printing, digital file into a 3 d object - not only changed the British industry present situation, and in the coming ten years accounted for more than half of the total industrial output value of Britain. 3 d printing can give British bring a series of benefits, including increased British manufacturing jobs, reduce consumer goods produced environmental impact and provide consumers with more choice and so on.
In the face of come to look for trouble 3 d printing technology, the British government always keep a clear mind, they think that if you want to ensure that the UK economy benefit, it is necessary to have a perfect plan, also issued relevant policy to reduce 3 d printing technology in the application process of risk. From household to transplant, 3 d printing technology can bring to our daily life infinite possibility. The government must be fully aware that this technique contains business opportunities, to take all measures to ensure that the British economic growth contribution strength.
But at the same time, it also can give the traditional batch production mode, make a lot of challenges to realize 3 d objects near production. In addition, manufacturing is also very vulnerable to textiles and clothing, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastics, machinery and furniture industry influence.
With the development of technology and progress, government policy guidance is particularly important. English major innovation center in particular to say the government should report to the arrival of the 3 d printing technology of preparation, including building a more agile intellectual property system, for investors and designers provide more incentive measures and publish corresponding laws and regulations, in order to prevent the 3 d printer is used in the production of guns and other illegal items.
One of the authors of the report Andrew tin pine, said: "3 d printing will give British law and policy brings the enormous challenge. The government must start planning for a 3 d printing policy framework, in order to the technology innovation and large-scale use lay the foundation.
Tin pine, said: "the government should be more agile way to deal with the problem of intellectual property rights, so that enterprises in the digital age to get organic growth. 3 d printing will break the Internet and the boundaries between the real world, and laws cannot distinguish the difference between the two. If the government want to be in 3 d printing times for guns and other illegal items for effective management, we must adopt new methods and ways."
The report also took part in the work of spencer Thompson, see the 3 d printing technology contained behind the great business interests. He said: "3 d printing will give full play to Britain in the design, retail and digital industry advantages of Britain, consolidate the leading position in the world. And at the same time, the technology will change the traditional manufacturing mode. (Gold Printing Group)
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