Envelope of post-press processing technology is introduced
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Envelope of post-press processing technology is introduced
Envelope of post-press processing technology has certain particularity, according to the properties of the products, the necessary processing technology and the necessary process divides into two parts.
A, unnecessary processing technology
This process is mainly to increase the product face to face is beautiful, the processing technology of the common are:
1, the effect of
Is the plastic film coated with adhesive, and prints after heating, pressure processing technology make it together. Print after coated, due to the surface with a layer of plastic film, more smooth, and better gloss and color fastness also, graphic colorful and rich stereo feeling, at the same time also has a folding waterproof, anti-fouling, wear-resisting and corrosion resistant function.
2, glazing
Common process in high-end printed materials, is in the printing surface coating (or spray, or print) on a layer of colorless transparent coating, thus formed on the surface of printed matter thin and uniform transparent light layer. To protect the printed matter not only, still can change the foreign trade of printing texture and visual effects.
3, the drum
Process called concave-convex embossing, that is, through a close coordination degree a gravure and a letterpress, sandwich print, under a certain pressure, make print surface formation and letterpress similar graphic or decorative pattern, make print has obvious FuDiaoGan.
Second, the necessary processing technology
Because of envelope structure has a significant characteristic, is to have a paper bag for loading files (printing inside is called "tongue"), making this part must be through the "folding" and "paste" the two procedures.
1, the folding
Through mechanical action, on paper or other paper cutting reserve change material form creasing, with convenient folding.
2, paste
Will print adhesion formation. According to the choice of adhesive, bonding strength and using the environment limit paste according to quality can be divided into general and high-grade, two cases.
It is important to note that in general the two process is need to separately measured, cannot be ignored when calculate the cost of printed matter. (Gold Printing Group)
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