Introduction to no color printing technology
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Introduction to no color printing technology
Color bright beautiful smooth, can not only promote product sales, but also enhance the brand image. However, this is a price to pay. The color printing is more complex, the cost is higher, so the product price is higher, the profit is thinner. Spotless no color printing printing disruptive technology designers, buyers, old concept of the color printer, and also for the first time made by the primary colors to replace the color ink is reliable and practical.
No color printing available beige color, so the traditional color ink inherent problems away. No color printing technology developed by Creole. Technology will lead the market can be used for practical production of FM screening technology - Staccato flocity successfully to the market. The practice has proved that the frequency modulation and network has many advantages, such as: color is smoother and there is no rose spots, turtle, or other network in common on the vision of "interference". In the printing process, due to misregister or density metastasis, gray balance and color change is very big, while the and network technology can avoid this problem. This means has the characteristics of the color: color is very stable, not even look like premixed good colors. Flocity FM screening through the practice test, in fact, it has become a standard way of FM screening, has more than 1000 printers used in offset printing field, including the United States and outside the United States hundreds of single paper printers.
Spotless4 four-color printing press potential into full play
Now, this technology and one step further. It not only can help to replace the color printers using primary, at the same time to deal with more reliable and more accurate. In the absence of the color printing, color printing replacement formula based on the actual conditions (printing presses, paper, ink, etc.), make its accuracy reaches the best. Also, proofing more easily and accurately. In the absence of the color printing, can carry out remote proofing on the table, even makes the designers, clients, plate making center, collaboration between the printing factory more efficient. No color printing products, a total of two paragraphs. The first is no color 4 (Spotless4). Without the color 4 performance in four color machine can be a lot of color. Many printers has adopted four primary colors to replace the color, but if there is no color 4 technology, its tone is more flat, color more jump, but also avoids the visual noise, rose spots, turtle and network common defects, such as its stability has been greatly improved. For small text is also very good, the white text printing quality is also very high. Color or black and white no jagged line draft. Predictability of color is very high. Customers at a glance can perceive the difference.
In addition, the production will also increase profits and printing department. With home without having to stop the replacement ink and cleaning roller, it can keep printing peak condition. With the increase of using CMYK printing ink's homework, do not need to line up to wait for a color printer, can be randomly assigning homework to other printing machines, not only for printing machine utilization rate increase, also make the work schedule is more flexible and efficient.
SpotlessX increase the color gamut
Another product is have no color (SpotlessX) X. Without the color of the X can use traditional primary colors, like red, orange, green, or blue, as a way to expand can use the color of the color gamut. Not the color of the X-ray technique is usually used in traditional areas of color: vector images; Can also be used for raster graphics, in order to improve the sense of reality, or provide the color of the "jump", in order to increase the visual impact and product on the shelf appeal. No color of the X technology is unique in its ink set is very flexible, color can be chosen optionally extension.
SpotlessX flexibility
1. Increase in printing color unit can be add extensions, such as orange, green, red and blue, with no color X
Technical processing. Can use CMYK + XYZ color Settings to establish formula, in order to make sure all the color of the printing quality of the line draft and vector design can be printing.
2. Use CMYK
Add 1 kinds of color (or more), to match the main customer's routine work. Some printers will be a few big customers require the use of the color print their brand color, CMYK at this time
Add 1 kind of color is the ideal solution. Have no the color technology X, the color can be used as a primary color ink the extension of the color, and is still the color printing.
S/H: no color technology, color and other alternatives
No color technology can also be used with any other six color alternative technologies, such as FMsix, PANTONE Hexachrome, etc. In fact, not the color of the technology above can be database into a complete work process, made the color management, printing, proofing, more efficient, make these solutions more convenient, practical and reliable.
No color: designers, printing buyers, printing plant
No color printing subverts the industry deal with the color of the traditional model, its advantage is also every related people can feel. No color technology designers from a print can only release using several kinds of the color limit. This technology will also from designers, clients, and the printing color proofing out of trouble. It also makes the printing plant is more efficient, and bring more value to customers. (Gold Printing Group)
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