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Print version how to skillfully use embellish fluid during production?
In the process of printing production reasonable control use embellish version of liquid, can prevent and solve a variety of printing problems, often can have twice the result with half the effort, you might as well try.
Education version fluid additive amount to remain stable, artificial added need to be equipped with standard measuring tool, for water tank automatically add devices should be regularly check the maintenance, in order to ensure the normal work of the extraction equipment. Test the conductivity is used to control education version fluid additive amount. First measured water conductivity, the practical application should deduct water conductivity, due to alcohol or alcohol substitutes is not conductive, will cause the loss of conductivity, after China's entry into wto should measure after add alcohol again its conductivity.
Water: version of the main components of the fluid is water, water quality conditions around, hardness is different, generally soft water conductivity in 0-225 mu s, usually over 450 mu s hard water. Hard water quality (mainly Ca + content more time), typically leads to Ca + and ink resin contact form in the saponification of calcium, in combined with acidic education version of acid liquid, and can produce such as lemon calcium or calcium phosphate salts. Saponification calcium has the lipophilicity, will result in printing ink deposition in areas such as you don't need the water roller, ink forme roller, rubber roller surface crystallization, cause preach water and ink adverse phenomenon; And calcium salt is hydrophilic, prevents ink transfer and cause the ink roller deinking, so water is hard water when use the education version of fluid additives should be contained in the corresponding material to eliminate the impact of excessive calcium ions.
Offset lithography is the use of oil and water don't mix, wetting, adsorption and selective adsorption principle, ink balance is the most important principle of offset lithography, reasonable control and use of the education version fluid in the operation of lithographic offset printing is very important. Based on currently use more alcohol liquid type education version, for example, from the aspects of education version of fluid composition and application methods, combined with the author's printing working practice experience, talk about how to reasonable use embellish version fluid control.
Alcohol or alcohol instead of: education version of alcohol in the main effect is to reduce the surface tension of the aqueous solution, alcohol volatile can reduce the emulsification of printing ink, print bright color, and speed up the ink dry on the substrates. Because of isopropyl alcohol volatile speed slower, stronger ability to reduce the surface tension of the water, and general industrial alcohol volatile is faster, lower ability to lower the surface tension of the water, usually using isopropyl alcohol printing production quality is stable. Alcohol products quality and the lowest price on the market at present is bigger, use should be prudent when choose high purity, good quality products, using isopropyl alcohol as far as possible, don't use industrial alcohol, can reduce the dosage and improve the use effect and the quality of the products, reduce the cost. Generally, the surface tension of water is about 72 dyne, the surface tension of the offset printing ink is about 30 ~ 36 dyne, must control the education version to the surface tension of the liquid and the surface tension of the ink in the same way, make a balance between them is stable to control the ink emulsification degree. Usually use of isopropyl alcohol content was 8% ~ 12% of the time can meet the requirements, the alcohol content is too high, otherwise it will cause the ink serious emulsification. (Gold Printing Group)
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