How to differentiate the high-fidelity printing and high-definition printing
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How to differentiate the high-fidelity printing and high-definition printing
With the development of computer technology and the application of the digital and network technology, high fidelity color printing technology has become one of research hotspots in the field of printing and packaging. High-fidelity printing can improve the quality of printed matter, expand the color performance space, make the printing copy effect and real scene is closer to, is printing the first selection of high quality print. In general, high-fidelity printing products with high clarity, so often someone will confused high-fidelity printing and high-definition printing. This article will analysis on high-fidelity printing compared with high-definition printing.
1. Definitions
High-fidelity printing is relative to the case of four-color printing, through the C, M, Y, K based on four-color printing of red, green, blue, orange and other color ink method to improve the printing color reproducibility and authenticity.
High-definition network is higher than 250 lpi am network, namely 100% dot diameter less than 125 microns am network, as well as the equivalent diameter of 20 microns below the FM network. In order to improve the printing definition as the goal, USES the high-definition printing called high definition printing network. High definition printing technology can effectively reduce node spacing, improve clarity and level of print performance ability.
2. Color gamut
High-fidelity printing technology of the main features include three aspects: first, in addition to the black ink, C, M, Y, and increase the other color ink in color separation and neutral gray balance; Second, more than four color printing printing color gradual change closer to the real spectral color change effect, print the administrative levels sense, stereo sense is strong; Third, the printing color gamut. In four-color printing, the ink is the limitation of materials and production process, ink spectral curve and ideal have bigger difference, the colors of the spectrum curve of printing color gamut is smaller.
And added new color in high fidelity printing, users in the use of high-fidelity printing, can according to own actual situation, take the appropriate color scheme, because different manuscript, need to express the theme of the different, to express the color key is different also, when printing the strawberry, for example, red and green is the color expression of a key, you can add red and green as the colors at this time. Use different ink combination, expansion of color gamut range is different also. Such as C, M, Y, K add R, G, B three color printing ink, the secondary color of R, G, B can reproduce bright, its obvious color gamut range expansion.
And high definition printing technology is as much as possible in order to improve the sharpness of print. Print quality mainly depends on how much per unit area network and node changes from small to large continuous series. Node number per unit area, the definition of the print is higher, the change of network series, the prints of the level of expression, the better, print quality, the better appearance. Printing color gamut, however, are not so, because of the color gamut is determined by the color of the base color ink, as long as the primary colors of ink, printing of the color gamut will not change. High fidelity printing technology at present, only can enlarge image printing color gamut, real to make printing color more bright and vivid, real effect is closer to nature.
3. The key technology
Fidelity is the key technology of printing color separation, that is, how to color in the manuscript correctly is decomposed into different base color component. At present commonly used color mode has two kinds: one is to use color conversion principle put forward by the ICC, through ICCProfile converts original color printing color separation color, actually USES a look-up table method. Compared with four color separations, high-fidelity printing need to reasonable division of the hue band of color space, make the ink color match color with the smallest input same color different spectral index, improve the matching accuracy. 2 it is obtained by measuring the CMYK four-color and dieyin the RGB three tristimulus values, with Neugebauer equation to calculate the printing color separation color values, the dot area rate for color separation, is a kind of mathematical model. High-fidelity color's goal is to make the print color as close as possible to visual perception of the real scene.
The key technology of high definition printing is a narrowing of the network size and network suitable arrangement. High definition printing using the FM network node is smaller, the more number of branches per unit area, the level of performance is better. FM screening print definition is high, is not limited by screen Angle, won't appear like am outlets "rose spots" and "turtle grain", has obvious advantages. But FM have larger space resolution redundancy, gradual resolution is low, so is suitable for printing simple sense is strong, rich image details. With amplitude modulation dot print, to choose suitable way of network configuration, avoid, "rose" am net suitable for printing color and exquisite images of light change. At present, the high definition am network can give full play to the potential of existing equipment, maximize the sharpness of the print and smooth.
4. The anti-counterfeiting performance
High-fidelity printing with anti-fake function. Printing when users according to their own situation to choose different color scheme and the color scheme, make the printing ink composition has a distinct uniqueness, printing color gamut and conventional four-color printing have obvious change. Color model and neutral gray model design of the process parameters of large amount of data, each elaborate design can have a great influence on printing effect, so a user can have special security scheme. If add the color, the anti-counterfeit effect is very significant.
Not with anti-fake function and high definition printing itself. Because it is one of the traditional four color printing, as long as the printing quality characteristics are careful analysis, study the production process, is likely to produce similar products. If you cooperate with other anti-counterfeiting measures, of course, is another matter. (Gold Printing Group)
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