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Printing quotation basis
Printing quotation to estimate the printing enterprise processing live parts should charge processing service fee, mainly including the cost of labor, material cost, machine depreciation cost, water and electricity cost, site cost and so on, these should be reflected in printing in wages.
1. The main basis printing wages table to complete
2. According to the regional economic development level, according to the local printing wages finish
3. For the same printing live parts, in different areas, the offer price between the result is different.
For specific printing live parts, according to the use of the printing process, the first to offer to live in one of categorization. To live a plate-making fee, printing fee, and printing, printing process cost, cost of raw materials and workmanship evaluation, we will charge part of a summary:
Repair draft: please before printing staff to graphic on the design of the originals and correction.
Process: graphic input and output, proofing, makeup, printing, etc.
Printing: and printing, paper and paper put fee, material fee.
Post-press processing: binding, cutting, film coating, glazing, hot stamping and stamping. (Gold Printing Group)
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