From Taiwan's printing new mode: joint printing
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From Taiwan's printing new mode: joint printing
Joint printing is actually makeup printing, it is many different customers YinLiang the same set of combined into - open big edition, form batch and scale advantages, Shared and printing process to save costs, general than independent open printing reduce 30%. The advantage is low price, a few can production, delivery speed.
Joint printing origin
Joint printing originated in Taiwan, is a kind of Taiwan combined with network and printing service mode, will be many different customers of small YinLiang set combination into a full open big version, not only share the process cost, and can meet the commercial printing quality, in Taiwan, the service mode has become the classic short printing.
Joint printing printing industry and promote the integration of information network, the application of network and logistics, a single transparent quotation and fast service, fast and efficient, general joint printing mechanism using automatic process, any file into joint printing FTP sites, automatically be move into production process, according to the needs of customers, directly into PDF format into the automatic process of pieces, and other set spell a big edition, direct output CTP version to the printing shop after printing.
Joint printing advantages and disadvantages
Due to the close printing using the network version, centralized printing and share expenses way and printing cost greatly reduced. In guangzhou as an example, the joint printing A4 color photos quotation only 350 yuan, and the traditional single printing mode quotation is close printing price several times.
Joint printing is the advantage of low price, a few can production, delivery speed, can meet the general brand spread commercial printing quality and YinLiang demand. Defect is close printing will inevitably cause the problem of color difference, the proposal:
1. Establish unified color management process, customers to file must first after adjustment diagram to makeup printing;
2. The same set of tonal in longitudinal spell list;
3. If the customer to the color is very strict, the requirement to the longitudinal with version or adopts the traditional printing mode separate start printing. In order to avoid joint printing color shift happens, be sure to use CMYK mode when making the color design, do not recommend using RGB mode in order to avoid has the close printing color after partial dispute. If the color requirement very high, it is suggested that the traditional printing mode separate start printing. (Gold Printing Group)
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