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Printing of the coated paper industry
Coated paper is nearly 10 years China paper market in one of the fastest growing variety. Coated paper as printing printing content, belongs to the culture in the class printing paper higher products, is printing coating base by coating and finishing processing with paper. In successive years, rise of low quantitative coated paper, because quantitative low (total quantitative don't drive past sixty g), capital is low, the printing function, commercial printing and publishing printing user has high attraction, the popular used in journals, magazines and newspaper advertising inset, supermarket catalogue propaganda purposes of the printing.
In recent ten years, Chinese art paper and machine pulp coated paper Zhuo the amount of loss in increasing rate part 1 eight. 8% and 25%. It is not difficult to measure, with China's sustained economic growth, China's coated paper usage will rise rapidly. Therefore, in coated paper in the printing of coated paper, printing eligibility deep understanding, especially for coated paper printability transformation research will have special is very realistic significance, can be divided into coated white board paper, grey bottom coated paper, etc.
A, the foundations of the coated paper case
Coated paper is in the base paper appearance coating a layer to pigment, adhesive, tackifier, fluorescent agent, lubricant and rescue solvent for the primary factor of the coating liquid, dry after holding oiliness's desert desert, the color reproduction with superior function.
Paint coated paper kaolin, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate and titanium dioxide and white pigment as the main body, and all kinds of adhesive and according to the need to match into all kinds of chemical agent and move into coating, according to certain quantity regularly coated besieged on paper board and become. Offset printing coated paper, commonly known as art paper. Art paper has the title, initially built relief halftone screen material for heavy metal copper, this kind of plate revolutionary adapt to printing the coated paper, therefore calls for the art paper. This paper is base by coating, after finishing made higher printing paper. Offset printing coated paper used to print all kinds of printed matter, such as calendar, pictorial, picture album, illustrations, higher brand, product FangChan, etc.
Second, the coated paper printability
Paper printability including eligibility and quality eligibility two aspects. Homework eligibility primary influence printing utility, quality eligibility primary influence printing off. Is the paper work for eligibility, and coherent with paper tensile strength, toughness, roughness and deformation, etc. And quality eligibility coherent with paper brightness, opacity, oiliness degree, appearance strength, size invariance and ink receive sex, etc. The custom paper printing quality eligibility called special printing eligibility.
1. The compressibility
The paper is a certain pressure will be slightly compressed, in the air force, the paper return original condition called compressibility degree. Compressibility and related to its pressure. The printing paper compressibility is particularly tense. Because of printing, paper will suffer inevitable pressure make ink on paper from plate transferred to come up. The eve of the compressibility of the paper, in the printing pressure properly, can make the plate of the graphic and paper have wealthy wonderful elastic war, which can well will plate on the graphic clearly transferred to the paper up. Coated paper because of coating, compressibility are controlled as ordinary small. The coating thickness, the smaller the compressibility. All cases, the amount of coating the eve of the bond, its printing resolution is poor. Low coated paper for coating quantity low (every surface coating 6 g/O mercy), and base contains compressibility good machine pulp (all ratio was 25%), plus use soft calender grooming, compressibility than coated paper, with the printing function is good. In addition, compressibility good paper can down on paper oiliness degree and graphic appearance of the requirements of the flatness.
2. Appearance strength
The paper looks strength is a nervous printability index. It is to point to paper fibre structure, packing and rubber contact between the degree of choice in the paper when printing the appearance of resistance to abrasion, resistance to loss of powder and resistance to fluff means.
Deal with coated paper speaking, coating particles must each other bond, coating and paper foundation, strong adhesive for paper base between fiber should be plenty of contact strength. Otherwise when the paper in the response of the printing pressure, in order to match the rate of fast and version of the ink film phase when fighting off will ink film coating particles and tiny fibers, originated from the so-called lost hair, loss of powder signs, efficacy lead to paste version. In offset printing coated paper, there will be due to the crown and offset printing ink viscosity, present loss of powder, loss of hair sign.
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