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About the advantages of easy tatter adhesive
Easy shredding the non-drying label is important in the non-drying label a, easy tatter surface material itself has the characteristics of easy broken, and using high strength the adhesive ability of the adhesive, the adhesive ability far outweigh the surface material itself fracture strength, easy tatter adhesive surface material by printing, die cutting process such as the processing is made after fragile paste, paste goods cannot complete off, so as to avoid the fraudsters use genuine brand to sell fake and inferior commodities may be. It is mainly applied to use some using the normal quality assurance method is difficult to accurately quality assurance unconventional goods identification methods, mainly used in mobile phones, telephone, computer accessories, auto electrical, alcohol, drugs, food, cosmetics, entertainment tickets, etc in high-grade goods quality assurance, can also be used for market commodity alarm switch manipulation, the characteristics of the goods by the quality assurance is the price is high, the quality assurance, quality assurance liability date accuracy requirement is high, and therefore, fragile stick quality directly related to the quality of the product after-sales service, it can effectively avoid the happening of all kinds of disputes, rise to safeguard their own interests businessman the role of.
We issued by the group chosen easy shredded paper sticker breaks through the traditional essence of the paper, using the advanced coating composite technology, surface after special treatment, quality reach the level of products abroad, has the good performance, printing ink adhesion, mold the characteristics of good effect, can adapt to the requirements of China at the different climate, bad natural conditions do not occur colloidal transformation, surface material fracture, and so easy a common shredding, can satisfy different printing equipment processing requirements, and can completely replace the imported products. (Gold Printing Group)
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