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Books bar code printing quality is not qualified through
A, a, empty improper color collocation
Due to the bar code to read is through the light irradiation, the article in the empty the reflectivity of different to read, bar code scanner light most is red, white, so empty black bar bar code the most easy to read. Some books in order to reduce the cost of printing, cover word chart only print a colors: red, yellow or orange, and bar code printing also became white red bars, white yellow, white orange article article, make scanning equipment of the red light irradiation in bars, empty on the reflectivity are almost the same, which cannot be read; Some books cover design personnel do not understand the bar code to read principle, in deep blue, dark green, dark brown cover printing black bar code or barcode printed on the cover a graphic place, make bar code printing contrast (PCS) values is very small, the scan instrument can't read. Like this kind of situation, as long as in the process will cover part of the bar code printing color caving into white, and then printed on black bar code, can ensure the bar code to read.
In order to ensure the quality of printing bar code, the color of the article should choose black, deep blue, dark green, brown, empty color should be white, red, yellow, orange, the 16 kinds of collocation is the best choice. To understand the light absorption and reflection effect, to the color of the article must be able to absorb red, the reflectivity of the lower; Empty color must be reflected red light, make empty reflectivity is higher. The maximum reflectivity of no more than 25%, empty reflectance minimum value is not less than 96%, bar code printing contrast (PCS) values is 67% ~ 98%, bar code scanning instrument to correct to read.
Second, any scale bar code size
Some books due to small size (64 open) or cover by too much, not enough position placed the bar code, and optional narrow bar code size, resulting in the air is too small or too fine article, scanning instrument can't read. Therefore, need to narrow the barcode, must by books bar code administrative departments use special equipment fabrication narrow code, and can only be narrowed to 80% of the conventional barcode.
Third, to make barcode film
Some books bar code film lost, then to make a bar code or the original books on the bar code copy down, take to process, this kind of practice is not allowed. To make the barcode film or copy down the bar code itself quality is not qualified, and plate making, printing out books bar code must be rejected. Bar code film lost, we must to books bar code to the administrative department for making barcode film.
Four, printing paper, ink, improper equipment selection
The bar code and air gap is very small, printing paper, ink, equipment selection, improper printing is easy to paste version of the coarsening, empty necked, when the strip width deviation more than plus or minus 30%, scanning instrument can't read. Therefore, books bar code printing had better choose offset printing, paper choose art paper, offset paper and paper hair less paper, when printing cylinder liner shoulds not be too soft, ink liquidity moderate, to ensure that no paste version. Bar code printing article should guarantee the air clear, precise size, strip width deviation and print contrast in the specified scope, can be books bar code printing quality products. (Gold Printing Group)
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