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Digital printing technology development trends
Can accept to digital form storage layout information, and realize the printing equipment called digital printing machine. Digital printing machine and divided into no edition digital printing machine and a version of the digital printing machine two.
A, no version of the digital printing machine
No version of the common features of digital printing is the realization of variable information printing. The present no printing from the big aspects can be divided into electronic photographic method, electric setting mode and inkjet way three.
1, electronic photographic mode
First of all make sensitive body (OPC) full charge, then use such as laser image take light, generating electrostatic latent image, and then in the electrostatic latent image is covered toner and will last a toner image transfer to the paper. A toner powder and liquid form two. At present, most use powder toner.
The powder toner digital printing machine first Cromapess (agfa) series products, wide width 32 cm and cm two types, can output the maximum length size of 11 m. This type of press mechanical parts mainly by Xeikon company production, such as XeikonDCP series. Other such as a Docucolor and 70 & 100 ibminfo70 & l00, NilpeterDL - 3300 etc are similar products. The printer is the electronic photographic way four color double-sided printing, resolution is sixty odpi. In the web to paper place, by adjusting the temperature and humidity of the paper, can improve the stability of the printing and transfer rate.
E - Print (Indigo) series products adopt is liquid toner, in addition to previous type E - Printl000 besides, still have E - PrintPro, TurboStream, UltraStream, Omnius, OmniusCardPress, etc. Though different type, the basic structure and principle are the same. Resolution 800 x 80 odpi and 800 x 12 oodpi kind.
2. Electric setting way
By electric setting mode of digital printing machine by Canadian monterey ORR ELCORSYTECHNOLOGY of the product of the company as a representative. The press in 2000 years later put into use as the goal, at present the machine detailed structure has not been announced.
3. Inkjet way
Ink jet printer is composed by many nozzle matrix structure, through the computer layout information, ink from very fine nozzle injection, and electric control ink jet flight direction, in the paper to generate images and graphics. Also some ink jet printer the ink jet and raw grain is formed by charging mode and pressure way to realize.
Ink jet printing machine USES the digital way is very wide, it have a general purpose type, also have special purpose machine, but according to the purpose of use, the different speed and resolution and color reproduction area has the very big difference. Especially recently, it is worth noting, greatly surface of high quality ink jet printer price plummets.
Second, a version of the digital printing machine
A version of the digital printing machine, in the plate cylinder must be equipped with ready made plate, only is this plate is in the press directly on the production. Compared with the traditional printing machine, although the press also need plate, but because it is in the way of machine directly process, only a printing machine can finish by data to print production process, which is not only save the equipment, time, material, and reduce the cost of production.
L, special printing machine
A special printing machine is the main representative TruePress, its basic structure is in a double diameter roller structure of the four color printing machine, carrying mitsubishi SilverDigiPlate direct process and developing equipment, formed a composite structure of the press.
Because by mitsubishi SilverDigiPlate direct plate-making plate, the cost is low, and may, according to different needs to select different performance of the printing ink, therefore, the printer in the conditions of use is closer to the traditional printing printing conditions. And the plate can use UV ink, solves the printing ink because of the drying time is too long and brings a series of problems.
The special digital printing machine, still have a kind of model is also very be attention, this is the angel of karat KAB / 74, the double track roller design structure and screen the company's TruePress the same.
2, the traditional printing machine
Traditional printing machine's main representative model is SpeedMasterD174 Hyde. This model is the basis of the traditional printing machine SpeedMaster74, therefore, can use PS version or the direct process mode process, resolution for 2400 dpi, plate is used PEARLgold PressTek company, and the same type of plate.
Third, the next topic
What has been said above, digital printing machine in the form of digital receiving layout information printing, therefore, the network or database data how to correctly transmission to the press, which is a key problem. In data transmission of the whole process, must first clear bottlenecks, can improve the production efficiency. In the future it is necessary in the following several aspects:
1. Print the whole layout of the digital;
2. The digital simulation film;
3. Electronic collating, electronic binding;
4. The calculation time of high speed;
5. And the data quantity corresponds to the data processing;
6. Page data preservation;
7. The use of database. Gold Printing Group
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