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To measure the quality of coated paper printing three indicators
Coated paper is a kind of a wide application of advanced printing paper, coated paper, not only in the purchase of paper machine parameters should pay attention to, the printing quality parameters are also should pay full attention to.
1, gloss, glossiness is divided into paper glossiness and print gloss, is also the main quality indicators of the coated paper.
2, printing ink absorbency: this is an important indicator of the comparison of the coated paper. Mainly displays in the strength of the absorbs ink and ink absorption of the degree of uniformity. Paper absorbs ink is strong, can cause poor gloss printing, the printing ink consumption quantity will increase; Paper absorbs ink is poor, easy to make printing items sticky dirty; Paper printing ink absorption uneven, printing easy produce tinea, stripe, etc.
3, off color, although in technical indicators no paper color difference this indicator, but influence the printing quality of color difference is bigger. (Gold Printing Group)
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