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Printing last procedure cut the attention of the book points

Cut a book is the process of paperback last procedure, to make the three face book machine cut finished product size is consistent, not only three face cut from a book as required size adjustment, and in binding process arrangement, before the formation of a procedure to the procedure for the tenet of service.
First mechanical folding, then should be book 1 strapping soothe, for ShuBei rubber subscribes the thickness of the basic agreement to create favorable conditions, make the glue of subscribing machine of the plate clamping institutions reliable work, rubber subscribes ShuBei thickness after consistent, plain founder. Second glue order process in the hollows of glue, thin and even, firm bonding. Prevent side too thick glue, ShuBei incision in the three face higher than cut generated when the book on the big small fault. Back on the rubber in rubber, according to quality standards on thick as far as possible, eliminate three face book ShuBei DaZhou phenomenon when cut. And in the firm bonding, don't try to ShuBei than incision thick, can make the ShuBei with round potential, for three face book was cut machine uniform dimension creates the condition. Three face cut book, not only to adjust according to customer requirement knife rules, keep books size. And going to find out the waste time this process book, no, not cut out folding, with how many pages for, no side ShuBei adhesive glue or not firm book. The important thing is to use LiuHao thumbing through the way, find out if the white pages within, serious dirty version, paper, the hole, but for the problems such as book, finally do mark on personal responsibility, to carry out the responsibilities of the job, ensure the quality of the encyclopedia of jianchang.
Only in the last few procedure for three face book cut have created favorable conditions, three face can guarantee the quality cut book. Three face book by the regulation cutting machine adjusting mechanical, eliminate three face book machine operation cut the common cutting size discrepancy requirements, such as book is not straight, or so skewed, bright and clean cut does not.
1, knife flowers
Its reason is to cut degrade point of blade wear, have caved blade phenomenon, should be timely change the tools or whet knife.
2, broken head
The reason for this is no cross road tool device, or cross road rules don't fit the sword, should be used correctly. Should improve the process requirements before, in order to reduce broken head phenomenon. Ensure fillet in 0.8 ~ 1.2 mm, glue "level, bag this have no empty bubble; Cover paper cannot too poor, cover the fiber in the longitudinal direction paper grain and spine words parallel; Books for strapping matter, milling back, the groove and bright and clean, not easy to make back glue is flabby, thickening ShuBei; Side can not have thick glue, glue order after the book can't inclined back; Reduced cutting height, reduce broken head. The blade is not sharp knife Angle and too small, should choose 19 ° Angle of the blade knife cutting and sharp, and often shoveled away in the blade cut on the attached the glue, a paraffin wax or soap.
3, wool mouth
The reason for this is the sword use time is too long or article into too deep, or article knife quality is not high. The blade knife cut article 0.5 ~ 1.0 mm should be in, frequently change the tools, and keeping his blade sharp article.
4, up and down the sword
Its reason is one thousand jins linking piece pressure to adjust undeserved, pressure is too great, ShuDui back would cock, pressure is too small, ShuDui feet in pressure will uplift, cutting after ShuDui surface appear before the mouth more than normal size size, one thousand jins linking piece height should transferred to ShuDui from the 5 ~ 10 mm; Paper... pine, the upper air much, cutting knife when moving paper books press, cause it smaller than the normal size; Deal with books for 24 h match again for strapping page, conditional with page should press flat; Clip book institutions in send a book car tailgate and workbench not vertical, should be adjusted vertical; Cutting on the high side, causing pressure paper device pressure big, stone, big, paper, the bending deformation is big, reduced cut book height; Cut institutions of books, the path or the book clip bearing wear, make the clip book is send a book before and after when Yang, make books size is differ, should be replaced wear parts, readjust the eccentricity of the bearing, make its clearance consistent.
5, door cutter size size
The reason for this is send a book in some institutions with bad parts; The connecting rod of needle bearing wear away, should change regularly relevant bearing; Control send a book of the roller CAM travel agencies have clearance, should readjust the double ball Angle, eliminate clearance; The main body of the nut swing to become loose, clamping piece to carry on the processing, make its locks, and calls for inspection of work with production and sample books often compare book, prevent size change; A set of fixed axis wear, make the trip is differ, should be replaced; Door knife slide have clearance, should be adjusted.
6, book after cutting askew
The reason for this is send a book after the car door is not parallel with baffle sword, should be adjusted parallel degree; Send a book in car track rollers eccentric adjustment is bad, the large clearance, or so skewed, should be adjusted to car without swinging; Shell and deformation wear on the sword, should be replaced.
7 each pile of books, the first, anchor near the back a barns incision not neat
The reason for this is linking piece not dozen bevel or not pressure in place; Side too thick glue, book a thin, cutting on the high side. Should suit the solution.
8, books refute mouth
The reason for this is the top one in the book under the big with small arc; One thousand jins linking piece insufficient pressure, should increase pressure; Linking piece on the board and the underlying door knife blade spacing is greater than 0.5 mm, should be to add mat cardboard, together with books cut out, size, eliminate spacing
9, barns, lower margin part cut constantly
The reason for this is the door knife knife and side under false or article mat rough; The knife auxiliary slide and slide block have clearance or eccentric positioning axis movement, cause the knife cut the service when, sometimes cut constantly. In the hollows of knife before and after inconsistent size, can't cut off, to adjust the blade should be down a.

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