How to reasonable arrange color overprint order
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How to reasonable arrange color overprint order

The color printing, how to arrange the order of the color overprint order is the process of technical personnel study an important topic. Printing of an important function is the artistry copied manuscript, the need to printing has some of the workers virtuosity and master colour change of expression. Color sequence arrangement is not appropriate can lead to print produce color slants, mix color overprint and inverse failure; Color sequence arrangement science, can make the color print more approaching the original, and even strengthen a certain color atmosphere, make the administrative levels clear, net point is clear, accurate over-print, color, the nature, the coordination real.
In order to arrange color the reason there are three reasons: the influence of the ink dieyin each other and printing ink pigment itself shortcomings, paper quality, the human eye to the color recognize ability. The most basic reason is printing ink itself not completely transparency, namely the covering power of ink itself. After the printing ink printing ink layer to first have covered the role, the prints the colour of lay particular stress on always present as a kind of color, or rather stress to the color and the color after before mixed color. Choose the color of the sequence starting point, is according to the specific situation of the manuscript, combining with the current process conditions, take care of the main aspects (such as order the representation, the color reappearance, graphic definition, printing uniformity and printing repeat rate, etc), flexible arrangements color sequence.
1. Because the transparency of the yellow ink, used for the last to enough white light color up and down into the ink layer, get bright-coloured and lively color.
2. Yellow ink dry with higher performance, but also has a greater printing area. The yellow ink column to finally color, not only can prevent for yellow ink dry too fast and cause the glass transition, still can use it printing the area is large, and soon the characteristics of conjunctival oxidation, cover in other ink layer surface, make prints has some of the luster.
3. Yellow row in the final color, easy to control yellow with ink quantity that can control it at any time to adjust.
4. Yellow ink the expensive price tag, the arrangement in the final color can save yellow ink amount and reduce the cost.
Color printing, is the combination of technology and art process. We arrange printing color in order of time, properly from art Angle consideration, can make prints more artistic influence, and satisfy the needs.
Monochromatic offset printing machine and the second color printing color first have a time interval during this period, in the links of oil foam material permeates gradually in the paper, printing ink surface oxidation conjunctival gradually. In the second color printing, printing ink is printed on the already conjunctival of the ink layer, this is called dry wet pressure. More in printing color machine when all kinds of version of ink in less than a few seconds of an instant dieyin together, all kinds of the gap between the time is very short, these may not be printed on the oxidation of the ink layer of conjunctival has this is the so-called wet pressure wet.
Color machine more in "wet pressure wet" process, the most acceptable white paper first set of printing ink. The most obvious black, followed by green, magenta, known as the big three color, the person's vision of the dullest of yellow reflect, so in the end. The first group should be strong some color ink, the concentration of the color after by machine descending, black color printing them first to overprint accurate. This is much color machine general with black, green, yellow, magenta give priority to color the cause of the sequence.
Much of the ink color machine overprint is in the "wet on wet" of, in ink viscous and the relationship of longitudinal, color printing ink after the viscosity value cannot too much greater than color ink before, otherwise, it will just go up before the seal the color printing ink stick down, by rubber roller to print on the son, not only cause of ink "mixed color", but also cause ink mark the inky set very weak, not spirit. Found the situation can take four color ink adjustment old-brother relation or change the color of the ink has sequence method to remedy.
Arrange color sequence method shall be governed by the picture of the mass-tone of outstanding principle to prevent mass-tone covered to decide color sequence. Generally speaking, to screen area and the dominant colour as a color sequence arrangement basis.
So in accept products printed sheet later, to rally sample a colour picture on the surface analysis, appropriate change color sequence to meet with full performance, the original manuscript, better to reappear its order to reconcile color.
General like take people as the dominant calendar pictures (warm tone) with black, blue, red, yellow sequence primarily. General large area as the leading landscape picture (cold tone) with black, red, blue and yellow to give priority to. Large area of 4 color piled in a special color should be more to dominate the color is given priority to consider color sequence, including large area black, also don't rule out the possibility of the last printing color sequence. For some of the color version two-tone Lord son in printing and proofing control difference difficult situation can use stratified fold edition two way of printing, son or more exposure bask in PS version method. In short want to restore special color primarily. The courage, and the more to science. To fully understand the plate making proofing is round planish, and printing is round round pressure. Dot enlargement printing more than the fact that pulls the value.

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