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Bond paper printing process technology of several key points of attention

Packaging decoration and printing process the indispensable printing materials-paper. The quality of the bond paper is good or bad, actually depends on the merits of the raw material, of course, still need to see to the characteristics of the paper compared the thorough understanding operator. In other words, to printing good glossy paper printing, according to the characteristics of the paper, take the corresponding process and technical measures. So understand the characteristics of glossy paper and the processing technology is important.
A, the division of glossy paper
The variety of glossy paper division, is according to their craft and packing and rolling light different, generally divided into single light and double light two kinds. From the coating properties and points on the dairy grain coatings. So the paper and coated paper says. Because some domestic paper for the flaws of the process, so that easy to produce the different degree of off powder and telescopic variation, especially easy to produce a single coated paper curly evils, affect the accuracy of the longitudinal. Printing paper several art improper operation, also easy to produce the sticky dirty (bottom), pulverization, slow dry, star light color owe, so we should pay attention to the following a few questions.
Second, bond paper printing and major points common problems
1 for each batch of kind, the paper, and put into use before, deal with paper smoothness, ph value, absorptive, dry, flexibility and surface combining intensity and so on a series of problems involving printing eligibility, measurement and analysis according to the characteristics of the subsequent paper, take the corresponding technical measures, such as adjusting the viscosity of the ink, liquidity and dry sex and anti adhesion measures, so as to realize the standardization scientific production, prevent printing bad happens;
2, want good pad printing pressure technology and debug version shut, insure printing ink layer even and bright. Paper printing pressure shall seek uniform and proper, pressure is overweight easy to produce off powder bad situation, and easy cause outlets imprinting not clear abuse, and increase the printing plate wear. Conversely, it is apt to cause outlets imprinting without fruit, and blind ink layer to make up for increasing pressure caused by inadequate layout hair flower, so, easy generation sticky dirty, slow dry, superior bad consequences not previously, the printing paper pressure to even, should be appropriate. Ladle lining, the use neutral partial hard material is advisable.
Three, use paper printing trademark, product packaging, often in pale as background, the color overprint and fold into. Such improper printing process, also easy to produce some problems affecting quality and, therefore, is experienced in the same time, should try choosing heat and light resistance of printing ink, and dilute, had better use light mix slurry agent, that in the last impression India effect is better, in order to prevent damage to the first printing ink layer friction.
4, because copperplate about surface smooth, ink absorption ability is bad, printing big forum's field version, should accomplish as far as possible "deep ink thin print". The ink is the appropriate in some deep, so when printing ink layer corresponding or thin some, it is able to meet printing hue request, and can reduce the chance of molecularly imprinted had occurred, can prevent color printing of. In addition, the paper poor adhesion, seal up of the ink layer, sometimes easy for off powder and decoloring, for this, the first printing color available 19 resin for printing ink oil oil. For the color layer of printed so light, can be in the printing ink appropriate add some light oil and dry oil.
5, glossy paper because more than paint, printing process we often encounter off powder and print layout a shadowing effect phenomenon. This is the case, attention shall be paid to check the plate if process operation, such as the printing plate have padded lay particular stress on, because paper stress of words, it's very easy to paper in the surface layer of paint opaque crushed, cause off powder and dark spots. In addition, still should check ink viscosity is appropriate, if the printing ink layer thickness, a sticky, is also causes the paper off powder and one of the reasons the accumulation layout, it should be considered when the application of printing ink to be adjusted auxiliary material quality, the quality problem may be to get a better overcome.
6, want good paper printing of the anti adhesion process technology level. Paper ink absorbency weak, back and smoother, such printing ink by a large quantity of layout or more color of the proofs, easy to produce the sticky dirty problem, reason should take measures to prevent the sticky measures to overcome, such as take to light oil first put the required amount of the adhesive stir evenly, make into liquid myrrh to join the printing ink again after agitate, printing can be received when good anti adhesion effect. But the adhesive dosage should be pay attention to reasonable master, no more than 4%, lest make the ink emulsification, printing ink layer hair flower and ink layer gloss reduction of adverse ills produce.
Summarized 6 big points above, want to hold the characteristics of the glossy paper, printing process operation in the good close, can ensure the efficiency of the printing and printing quality.

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