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On printing process needed to pay attention to safety matters

Said security, word safe, but many safety accidents have occurred frequently. Through interviewing some enterprise and a net friend, we gold printing group summarizes five printing safety killer!
NO. 1 bad used to operating safety problems
For all safety killer it, the killer's strength is the most powerful, and it is also the concealment of the highest, beat the index the most difficult.
In the interview to realize, more than 90% of the operator is the process of operation in accordance with the requirements for operation that caused the accident. Here we will also listed some sword of bad habit, so that a wake-up call.
A. plate (load rubber cloth)
Habit operation: the more general offset presses plate, the operator is used to two or more sets of hang version at the same time, in order to save time, improve the work efficiency. At the same time sheet of paper printing plate also have this kind of phenomenon. In order to speed up the progress, and after the interim plate, the teacher also to help, and that is a person pressure version, a point switch.
Safe hidden trouble, plate (load rubber cloth), if two or more people to be operated at the same time, a little attention is not focused, and hand skid or appear unexpected machine fault, it's very easy to finger involved in, cause injury.
Prevention measures: (1) plate by one operator can work, gently knead drag sought and pad printing, ensure layout don't scrape and gasket level off, (2) the plate when one thousand errors or meet "even electricity", hand to immediately to loosen, don't knead on plate. Because be punctual car, won't produce much loss, if knead not to put, can cause other accidents. (3) various type of situation is different. If you need to hand on a plate, can be in layout rub some talcum powder, prevent accidents.
B. shovel ink
Used to operate, because well the needs of the ink, the operator habit in ink roll with ink shovel back and forth on the movement, the ink well, add ink or shoveled away ink roll redundant printing ink.
Safe hidden trouble, in the equipment running at high speed, this operation belong to the risk of accidents are operating, once the ink shovel Angle deflection or operation of a pin ink roll surface of shovel meet ink uneven place, ink will be involved in the shovel of ink roll and rubber roller and between the accident, light is the printing plate scratch or plastic roller, heavy then rolled bad rubber cloth or rollers, and even in the drawing of ink in the moment and overwhelmed by shovel caused personal injury accidents.
Prevention measures: (1) first of all to heel stand, and focus, hold ink shovel, avoid by all means is in all directions. (2) found that printing ink and must not enough local of artificial add ink, the hand of the ink shovel must hold, and the small ink roll up to the roller is stationary again after operation. (3) the shovel ink, ink by the string to shovel ink roll to rely on, with on plastic roller, not impending, ink shovel and ink roll of the contact Angle not less than 45 °.
C. In addition to dirty
Habit operation: whether offset presses or sheet of paper printing, often appear ink skin or roller, paper is stuck in the printing plate graphic things off part of the phenomenon. Affect the quality of products. At this time, the operating personnel are often used in machines remove dirty fingers.
Safety hazard: this operation belong to illegal dangerous operation, in printing the cause of the accident is more. The operating personnel in high speed machine running to get the dirty position and erased, can use the time is short, and effort size won't rub off, only early laid a hand on him, with great to stick to plate graphic (or ink roll) of the dirty point removed. A slight mistake, fingers may enter the printing plate cylinder in the sky. If is impending operation and not rely on, is likely to be a hand brought into roller, and cause a rolling hand accident.
Prevention measures: (1) every week periodical check the machine all of the safety insurance device and the main motor brake institutions. Ensure that the sensitive and reliable, found that the problem timely repair.
(2) while operating attention, don't impending operation, wipe dirty point, must rely on the palm in the printing plate cylinder and rubber between rollers pull axis, or on the water roller protection safety hood, special attention on the palm than wipe dirty fingers force point of force. (3) if the dirty point too much influence printing, should stop check, to replace rubber roller or paper, ink, from the root of the problem.

In the daily production, it is necessary to establish safety first thought, cultivate good operation habit, otherwise once the accident, product quality and economic benefits etc all will be mentioned. So, the operation of the bad habit is a cause of security hidden danger's biggest killer.

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