About some of the printing industry unspoken rules
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About some of the printing industry unspoken rules

At present, some manufacturers use of customers for printing the lack of knowledge, through the sacrifice quality and the service and so on various aspects to reduce the cost of compression, so choose print suppliers can not choose more can't choose the highest price lowest quotation, and this is the everlasting rule out choose, choose to have the strength, good reputation, and pay attention to the brand management credible suppliers. The following information is summarized according to experience the influence of the factors is also printing price the potential of printing industry rules.
A, the printing equipments of differences-a new import printing equipment 45 million need less said too much is tens, new equipment is equipped with higher technology and auxiliary equipment used the latest technology, technology, printing effect is very exquisite, lifelike, can return to the original prints better qualities, now a lot of small enterprise in order to reduce the investment cost, purchase has been close to scrap import printing equipment of the inferior or domestic equipment, with low cost low price the way to enter the market competition, and the production of the product quality have no guarantee.
Second, raw materials the differences-paper because different quality, printing effect and different brands of paper price far, such as the sun, JinDong famous brand such as paper with the other kitchen paper about 1/5 prices vary, and even more, of course, different quality paper glossiness smoothness ink absorbency also differs very far, printing out product effect life and death.
Three, printing ink and of plate differences-printing ink and because different famous brand and quality inferior brand ink prices ahead, in order to reduce the production cost many small enterprise stresses the choice poorer quality of the ink, so the printed prints dull have peculiar smell, ink layer and paper easily from, print without high-grade feeling, even choose to use the recycling of waste printing ink, professional printing the low cost of products, second printing process selection of quality of PS version of the printing quality also has the very big relations, good plate can be used not only for a long time and can be printed out the precision is high site, let print matching color more accurate, the effect is better.
Four, management cost differences-each factory management cost is differ, have the scale of factory management is perfect, the product are doing is in place, from a simple printed packaging can see out the clue, good factory neat packaging, packaging material appropriate, various labels like soft service is very good, also facilitate future customer use, of course, also can produce the extra cost.
Five, the shameless way--some offer no printing enterprise brand consciousness, no long-term vision, thinking about doing a single calculate a single, first with a less than the cost of the offer to attract customers pay deposit order, then with all sorts of reason prices, such as intentional delay in delivery time, the extra charge other proofing fee, see color fee, version of the charge such as cost, customers have paid the deposit can only let them order about, and in the end, not only not purchasing cheaper high quality prints, back to find the gas because by, the loss outweights the gain ah.
Six, disrupt the market price of the type--some enterprise clearly didn't have time or the ability to produce the customer's order, but in order to give the customer a low quality impression, he reported a lower than the price of a lot of cost price, and then with all sorts of reason said they now can't do temporarily, the result let customers in the market just can't find his offer, to the customer had been staying a his things cheap impression, next time you have other products to him again a high order times also let customers mistakenly think that their things cheaper. (low price may be a scam, after collect deposit disappears)
Seven, the difference in service-some factory is responsible, to the client's file, easy to make a mistake or feel not reasonable place to find out the customer timely inform, and small factory is as long as is the customer to provide their own files it right or wrong did all the same, still if customers make wrong file and then repeat order himself? And don't talk about more to simple modified files, pull, see color, delivery services, although the price is cheap, it is actually own customers pay the high cost of energy and time to reduce the cost of the printing services.
Eight, the number of stolen way--some enterprise will delivery method according to the customer can't count on the number of holes, with little more than filling in order quantity delivery order quantity but press collection problems, especially in some of the products of publicity, order 10000 out of 8000, and 1000 out of 700 set.
Nine, offer a head fake pack--some enterprise see different products have more than ten style things to offer the printing, will choose some commonly used simple products to customers reported a loss price, let customers believe he then in other products improve several times offer, belongs to the good people and high prices and sales of dishonest trader.
Ten, bad way--some printing production in order not to meet the list below the market price, after receiving down payment has been pressure not to do, to do them profitable orders, and nothing to do factory to produce low-cost products, in order to maintain the normal operation of the factory, so that the goods time will not guarantee, delay delivery still require customers to pay the balance before shipment, let the customer dummy eat coptis chinensis franch a mouth uttering out

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