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Printing enterprises how to improve the quality of printing quality
Printing quality of the products, not only is the manifestation of quality of enterprise management, enterprise comprehensive quality of concentrated reflection. Only efforts to improve the quality of printing products, can meet the requirements of social development and market competition, the enhancement enterprise's ability to survive. So, no matter in what kind of environment, strengthen the administration of the printing quality surely become the eternal subject of enterprise management. So, how to fundamentally improve the quality of printing products? The author thinks that we must strengthen the quality of source control, put an end to all kinds of quality problems should be focus on the following several aspects.
A sound system of enterprise management
Printing enterprise both labor-intensive production features, and technology-intensive features, technology management is particularly important. This will need to use the system, with a standard to organization, norms, guidelines, and directing production. In carrying out the national standards, industry standards, on the basis of enterprise but also according to its actual situation, formulate a set of perfect quality management system and measures, from raw materials to semi-finished products, from the plate making to printing, from printing to finishing process for the whole process of quality inspection and control, which steps out of the quality problem, which process to the parties shall be investigated for economic responsibility, forming quality self-check, high sense of responsibility and self-consciousness of self-control. In addition, the quality of instituting to give certain economic rewards, put the quality and personal economic benefits, rewards and punishment and from the system, so make the enterprise quality management towards a virtuous circle orbit. So, build quality for printing enterprise, sign system, the absolute system, sample system, sampling procedures in each process and the system of rewards and punishments, is undoubtedly the better quality of source control management measures.
Strengthen staff technical training
Technical training for printing production enterprise to the worker is one of the important measures to improve the quality of products through systematic technical training to the worker, the worker to improve the quality of the printing technology, improve the level of operation and process technology, it is also the important guarantee of improving product quality. Staff technical training contents should include production technology, practical technical knowledge, production safety, quality control, and printing standard, etc., through the training to the worker's larger to improve production technology level, to reduce the production cost, improve product quality to lay a solid foundation. The technical quality of the workers raised, to the orderly according to quality standards and production process procedure of production, can effectively reduce or avoid the happening of all sorts of quality problems.
Choose qualified suppliers
Printing enterprise procurement of raw materials control is to be on the basis of the economy, make the product quality and production efficiency are very good consideration, which requires the enterprise must choose to have a certain scale of production manufacturers, because of large factories, the production capacity, process technology, product quality and production cost control relative to do better, the product quality is stable, select the suppliers to improve printing quality and reduce production costs. Choose quality stable and reliable supplier, must pass to serious supplier qualification review, to ensure the stable quality of raw material supply. To supplier for review, mainly according to its raw materials in this trial and the actual use effect in enterprise production, such as the material used in the stability of the economy, adaptability and quality, etc. Often fluctuate, the difference to the quality of raw materials enterprises normal production and quality suppliers, to be eliminated, so that effective control of quality from the source, to ensure the stability of product quality printing.
Set prepress process
QuFuShi printing enterprise's production practice situation clearly shows that the prepress process measures and procedures to carry out the good, less chance to printing quality problems. Prepress formulate strict technological process, therefore, very important, according to the structure characteristics of the product, the good idea of technique, according to the calendar features reasonable select equipment type and brand for printing ink, and scientifically arrange printing color sequence. In addition, in the finished film and plate should be carefully proofread test, found hidden dangers timely processing quality, prevent the occurrence of quality problems.
The good quality raw materials
Raw material is the basis of the printing enterprise quality control link, only the good quality of raw materials, printing quality have a reliable guarantee. To rational use and scientific management good printing materials, prevent the occurrence of quality problems.
One is according to the calendar features, choose the appropriate printing ink varieties, avoid because of the blindness on the use and printing quality problems occur, such as packaging products to prevent rub off the emergence of quality problems, appropriate chooses fast, wear-resisting properties of ink. Inventory at the same time, pay attention to the mastery of ink, prevent deterioration in backlog too long and affect printing quality.
2 it is to strengthen the quality control of materials, due to the different brand, its quality and plate use effect also have obvious difference, such as some PS membrane layer on the surface quality is not stable, too fat bad performance printing printing resistance rate is low, problems such as easily dirty, not only affect the quality of the products, but also reduce the production efficiency, so the materials of poor quality, low price also can't use.
Three is to strengthen the quality control of printing paper, scientifically grasp the paper stock time and storage conditions. Generally speaking, the printing paper to produce the second half, the printing quality is relatively stable, can reduce the deformation, wrinkle and electrostatic printing, is helpful to improve the accuracy of overprint products. Backlog of paper stock time too long, however, such as more than two years is easy to change color, crisp and other ills, reason should be reasonable to keep inventory according to the actual production situation, and in use to grasp the advanced use of first principles. Deposit at the same time, to scientific paper, fold good heat, prevent bask in, prevent, pressure and moisture proof, paper piled up from the ground to keep 20 cm ~ 30 cm, not less than 40 cm from the wall. Can control the temperature of 18 ℃ to 22 ℃, relative humidity between 60% ~ 70%. The paper quality is relatively stable state.
Four is to strengthen the quality tracking, inspection of raw materials. Quality inspection department in daily work, to the use of raw materials such as wood and paper, ink, a comprehensive quality tracking management. (Gold Printing Group)
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