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Color envelope printing five ink drying method
Ink dry is the most important factor affect the envelope color printing, dry good can show the sleeve colour, and can improve its durability. Adoption of a certain method can make the ink dry faster. Here is to introduce specific drying methods in detail.
First: penetration drying, this kind of method is through the paper absorption and penetration in the ink itself, because the paper itself fiber, when ink tile to the paper will play a role, and paper and absorptive capacity, it can make sufficient liquid components of ink and paper, thus slowly by the liquid gradually into the nature of the solid state.
Second: is the oxidation of conjunctival dryness, the chemical nature can make ink from liquid to solid, this is because the ink is dry vegetable oil, so it can combine with oxidation conjunctiva of polymer, but the process would be slow, and it is more complex chemical processes, but at the end of the ink will become a polymer solid film.
The third, volatile dry. This approach is often used in gravure printing, the printing process due to the evaporation of the solvent, the ink itself resin will be affected by a certain, so volatile dry very quickly, the inside of the liquid particles can form solid ink layer.
Along with other drying methods, such as radiation, drying, uv drying, infrared drying, and so on, different ways of drying effect is different. And drying the length of time also is not the same. Dry good ink can effectively enhance the overall quality of the jacket color printing, also can develop its value and function. (Gold Printing Group)
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