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Ebook pricing have to consider the strategy of seven
How much is the cost of an ebook? Don't really just because e-books paper, do not need entity bookstore sales, it is a lot cheaper than paper books? Obviously not. So how do e-book pricing? Let's take a look at ebook pricing to seven strategies had to be taken into account.
How much is the cost of an ebook?
Ebook the media for the public is still fresh, so consumers expectations of it has not been cooling. Publishers and the authors should consider the ebook the cost of the well.
Refer to other business in the field of the charge strategy, in ebook pricing reference to his mountain, you will see seven strategy was the result.
E-book pricing strategy one: for convenience charge extra
Compared with print, e-books save paper costs, and they are also more portable for readers. So, why not convenience charge additional fees? To adopt this kind of strategy, e-book pricing will be higher than its corresponding print - don't instant access to consumers pay?
Customers save the transportation go to bookstore, also save valuable time. Think about online ticketing did, over the years, they are each ticket price on the basis of one or two as DingPiaoFei, so customers don't go out to buy a ticket.
The ebooks pricing strategy 2: price and value orientation
Compared with Hugo's works, people would spend more money in mercedes-benz car, right? Why don't we follow suit, sell the famous masterpiece your point. The influence big, author of the book (paper version) sometimes price higher, but in fact, sometimes nobody write book if enough thick, thin price rather than the masters of the much more expensive. For a long time, the pricing books tend to be closely associated with paper cost and brand.
Publishers have never been to other industries that fell on the superior make us real. Auto industry, fashion, computer industry, which is not so? Having said that, the development of high grade brand long-term marketing support is needed to change consumer attitude, don't expect to finish between overnight.
E-book pricing strategy 3: the time factor of the author
Cost more than the small bridge built bridge. Why is that? Of time. The quilt by hand than your factory goods. Why is that? Of time. Use logical thinking to think of it, aren't they product with the author a lot of time and effort, and don't consider when pricing for this?
Usually, the e-book pricing does not consider the author investment of time and effort. Novelist spent years thinking of a story's price is not as good as a rush of what works. Historians have their life work is not as good as a move from existing resources make the report. Why don't you proudly to the vitality of the lot ebook works on higher prices? Besides, readers are willing to pay for quality.
E-book pricing strategy 4: free to gain market share
Free book of strategy have been used by tens of thousands of new ebook writers. They hope to take this method for reading the market share, establish a certain audience, reputation spread, and the book will sell better.
But some believe this strategy will make reverse development, because the free send out underestimated the author of his own works, but also lower the market, the lower the price level of other authors. The author is supposed to work on them by making the charge.
Choose to distribute for free work there was the author of the foundation for success of a concept is correct - publishers is to read to get market share. With the popularity is a publishing success. Provide free work is one of the ways to get attention, to increase readership, is a key for free.
E-book pricing strategy 5: new book price is higher than the old books
A new book have far more value than has been listed in the old books, this view is deeply rooted in the publishing industry. We have listed in the article the strategy, not to agree, but simply because it is published in the practice of real practice. But we think this strategy for the publisher and the author will be unfavourable.
As fresh bread will sell more expensive, a brand new book, of course, also the books cost more than has been launched for a long time. This is hardcover paperback book divided the logic behind... Those reading will urgently will spend high price to buy the hardcover sneak peek, and reading may be less worried waiting for the price is cheaper the paperback to come out after reading again.
The more this book more valuable reasoning is also so-called concept of the male version of the book comes in. This logic also determines such as Shakespeare and Emily dickinson, everyone's work is worthless. As we all know, the book has entered the public domain, is completely free, isn't it?
But I think if the ebook or according to the work of the old and new pricing, it is not reasonable. As far as I am concerned, I prefer to pay to buy dickens's 1861 classic, last month, just don't want to buy somnolent so-called books that get written. But, at present a lot of book pricing plan and copyright policies were adopted the more book more valuable pricing strategy.
Six: e-book pricing strategy according to the e-book pricing other forms
Today, many e-books seem to have according to hardcover, paperback, the production cost of audio books to pricing. And because of the lower cost of goods sold of the e-book, so take it for granted to it at a discount.
Here are some similar points of view. A book about leonardo Da Vinci's colorful coffee table book of course than a Dan brown's the Da Vinci code (this novel editions in smaller, more frivolous, paper ink consumption less) to you. And the same, a hardcover book "the Da Vinci code" than a mass paperback (smaller, lighter, cheaper).
When e-books also USES this pricing model to pricing, seemed to take for granted would be considered to set the low price, because of its lower production costs. Many readers will think that e-books should be cheaper than a paperback book, they'll say, e-books are just some bytes, sell cheaper of course!
However, if the publishers don't go to carefully consider your price pattern and continue to use this pricing strategy, it will all be missed a good chance of making money. We can't just because e-books need not paper and lower production costs in theory, just take it for granted that e-books are the cheaper than paper books. Take audio books, for instance, the same content, the production cost of an audio book is far more than the paperback and the hardcover. But, even so, recorded fans will still be willing to pay top dollar for.
E-book pricing strategy seven: let the readers decide the price
Publishers to let the reader to give e-book pricing, this feasible? It's ridiculous? Or otherwise? The advent of online bookstores e-book pricing extremely flexible. For publishers, an ebook can be in early to set the price, late for another price. Even at the same time in different price of different online stores. Wherever they can find to publishers, authors and readers can taste the balance, it will no problem.
In a word, if publishers can spend some time and energy to test all kinds of price, to achieve allows the reader to pricing, is wise. Consumer goods manufacturers over the years I have been in testing for this price. Ebook publishers, when you adjust e-book pricing according to market trends change has arrived. (Gold Printing Group)
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