The matters needing attention in the process of leaflet printing
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The matters needing attention in the process of leaflet printing
Leaflet printing matters needing attention
First: leaflet printing ink performance
Concentration, concentration of large amount of ink in printing ink use less, ink is better; Concentration of small amount of ink in the leaflet printing ink use is more, inky light;
Fineness: ink particles, the size of the ink fineness high, ink concentration of large, single print dot clear and forceful; Low ink fineness, site is easy to be afraid of print, plate printing rate low resistance;
Viscosity, viscosity, easy to cause the ink unevenness, branches and flower version phenomenon such as hair; Viscosity is small, easy to cause ink emulsification and layout of floating dirty phenomenon;
Fluidity, fluidity big, can make the level of the graphic is unknown, the ink is not full; Degree of flow is small, make the ink transfer smooth, uniform, easy cause before the same printing on the surface has a deep shallow shallow before or after deep phenomenon;
Light resistance, light fastness good ink, print out the product colour and lustre is gorgeous, graphic dot full, strong, rich stereo feeling, and can be long-term preservation; Poor light fastness of the printing ink, printed products easy color becomes shallow, dim; Water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, for offset printing ink, it is important to pay special attention to its water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance strong ink, printed products, bright color, distinct, points clear; Ink water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance is poor, printed products, gray level, network is not smooth.
Second: leaflet printing run
Education version fluid PH generally between 3.8-4.6, in the actual production according to the specific situation to adjust printing conditions, if education version liquid acid is strong, sand holes of blank layout and graphic oil-wet part corrosion resistance will increase, easy flower version phenomenon, make the plate printing resistance rate decline; And ink emulsification, deinking, ink roller print to grey.
If the education version liquid acid is too weak, would make the plate blank part of the hydrophilic fumed oil resistance is abate, layout is easy to dirty and paste version phenomenon caused by print dot enlargement (UV ink printing, if education version liquid acid acid, layout is easy to dirty).
Color sequence
Refers to the color sequence in multicolour printing, time order, overprint of plate of of all kinds of different color sequence will produce a variety of printing effect, reasonable arrangement of color sequence is important. But not absolute color series, color series general arrangement is:
Monochrome machine: yellow and magenta - blue - black two-color machine: black, yellow and magenta and green landscape painting (seal) or blue and red (the indians
Four color machine: black - green - magenta - yellow. Have a field when printing gold, silver, full version, generally need to gold, silver, field full version, after a set of four color printing ink dry. )
Check the four color film specifications are consistent (four film is complete);
Control sample, check the graphic is complete;
Quantity stable water, ink, with ink balance, to ensure consistent with the batch print ink;
Try to be less downtime or downtime after cleaning the rubber cloth (can be put some version of the paper).
Official press, the operator should focus on to do:
A see: machine running situation, look at the sample ink, alignment, and network quality;
Listening: listen to the sound machine with and without exception, listen to the machine vibration sensitive area with and without noise;
Three touch: touch the machine easy to heat up due to wear and tear parts, if there is a significant temperature variation;
Four smell: the smell is there any electric and other abnormal smell of burning. (UV ink printing should pay more attention to the UV machine when the power cord);
Five check: check whether there is any abnormal situation on printing quality and the machine and found the problem, eliminate in a timely manner. (Gold Printing Group)
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