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Printing bleeding a standard specifications

Hemorrhage is a common term of printing, the printing bleeding is refers to increase the size of the product design, in cutting a add some pattern of the extension, just for various manufacturing processes in the process tolerance range use, in order to avoid the cutting edge of the finished product after the thief or cutting to content in making we divided into the size of design and finished product size, the size of design is always better than finished product size, big out of the side is to be at the cutting off after printing, this should be printed and cutting off part of called bleeding or a bleeding.
Usually a bleeding the standard size of 3 mm, is actual size increase 3 mm along the edge of the edge in size by the color of natural expansion is the most ideal note bleeding may not be sometimes 3 mm, 3 mm for common printing standard bleeding a, in view of the different process have different requirements such as I give clients do only commonly to 2 a folding mm, newspaper simply add a horn line.
Graphic design is bleeding around all the paper color place outside 3 mm to expand. 16 open as an example to magnanimous, finished product size for 210 X 285 MM, and making the draft will make it 216 X 291 MM, if just make it finished product size, cut when their steely knives may appear white edge, so in making requires the bleeding, enterprise in the finished product will be to cut their steely knives to adduction 3 MM. To prevent white edge, the image size made 21.6 x29.1 appropriate.
A, font problem
(1) some font library description method is different, where output part after strokes out through folded, be careful!
(2) contains the paragraph text in English and Chinese special characters to a problem, such as "s, @, u, ○", etc.
(3) use the new standard dictionaries GBK to solve the problem of remote word lost.
(4) too fine brush strokes of the font, had better not use more than 3 the color the aliasing, such as (C10 types in Y80), similarly, also does not apply to the bottom of the dark against white word. Can't avoid state, need to reverse their gou bian, apply the approximate lubricious or a printing monochrome (usually black K).
Second, the gradual change
(1) the common problem is this: if red and black gradient, set wrong: (M100-K100) middle is ugly!
The correct Settings. It should be: (M100-M100 K100) analysing to understand, other condition on.
(2) the transparent gradient is applied to network graphic method, gray image can also be, but I can't output, because its space the blend mode to RGB, screen printing CMYK color mixed with the difference is too big, long attention.
(3) the gradient black part do not get too low order, such as 5% black, because black dieyin options when output, less than 10% of the black often use alternative not dieyin, causes a problem, the same, using a pure light color black also have to be careful.
Three, the picture
(1) about a PSD file, a little attention, is you don't do it again into any "destructive operation", such as: rotation, mirror, tilt, because its transparent matte, the relation between the output will have broken after figure.
(2) or matte, coreldraw in use also be careful, necessary than take "into containers" method is more insurance.
(3) resolution and a new sampling
Don't do this in corel, "into a bitmap" really convenient, but the loss is colour reduction, want to be professional, well in ps in it.
(4) color mode, don't blame me bothersome, this is a veteran also have the wrong hands.
All pictures must be cmyk or gray and monochrome bitmap figure, or can't output.
Four, output accessories
Also is the horn line, color code, affiliated thing output, and now it seems like it output company service are very good, so don't worry about.
Special note: the A5 enterprise size is 142 * 210 mm

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