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What are the advantages of ultraviolet light lamp?
Answer: in the screen printing plate making the light source, the ultraviolet light lamp adopt electronic rectifier, so the light intensity from the network voltage levels of influence, just 130 v voltage can start. Its luminous range, just as the photographic materials need range. This kind of lamp can run continuously, continuous start, and low calorific value, one-time less investment, is the most ideal light source screen printing plate making.
Ultraviolet luminescence tubes general for 1000 hours service life, namely the accumulative total working hours exceeds or close to 1000 hours, we should exchange tubes, usually accumulative total of 750 hours or so working time can replace new tube, to ensure a version of the quality.

How to dissolve to take off the membrane powder?
Answer: because to take off the membrane powder dissolve in water slowly, cannot one-time dissolve. Therefore, dissolve the right way to take off the membrane powder is points repeatedly dissolved, the first part of dissolved poured out, add the fresh water mixing dissolving poured out, this point 4 ~ 5 times, basically can completely dissolved. In addition, take off the film when dissolved in powder, can add a little acid, each jins water with 1 ~ 2 ml, can effectively to speed up the dissolution rate.

Coating photosensitive plastic to pay attention to?
A: coating photosensitive plastic notice first coating speed because coating too fast, easy to produce the pinhole; Too slow, glue easily penetrate into ink surface, and easy to cause glue not divide evenly. Therefore, should with medium uniform coating speed photosensitive plastic coating. In addition, the brush is not to brush besmear photosensitive plastic,-is not divide evenly besmear to brush, brush the two is the sub un-even surfaces. Can only use hard, the best is stainless steel gluing device coating.

How thick the screen mesh on sensitive glue coating?
Answer: in the thick mesh screen (such as 30 eyes and 50 purpose screen) on the sensitive glue coating, often can appear pinhole wait for a phenomenon. In order to avoid the generation of these faults, photosensitive plastic to some thick, the first coating, the printing surface to scrape back and forth a few times more, make the screen full wetting, again will face more ink scrape flat rubber. After drying, the printing surface, then the scraping coat for 2 ~ 3 times, speed slightly faster some.

How to determine the number of cable and wire mesh with number?
A: for the screen printing and network, general can reach 80 line/inch, maximum of 100 line/inch, from printing definition see, 80 line/inches and 65 line/inch direct effect is better, line number too high, easy to paste live outlets. Add in the number of cable set later, the corresponding wire mesh number can determine the....... Generally speaking wire mesh number is the number of the line 3.5 ~ 6 times, such as line number for 80 line/inch minimum mesh for 80 x 3.5 = 280 mesh.

How to rule out silk screen version of the fault occurred when development?
Answer: screen version enhancement, sometimes for technology and material equipment and other factors, appear some fault, for these fault, to particular case is particular analysis, such as not right out, will influence the follow-up work.
1. The screen printing ink surface to be sticky, and paste forms.a material. Through the observation that the matter is not to be sticky film of crosslinking, dissolved in water and tacky, accordingly, printing ink cover face not too thick coating, sun, time want to be appropriately extended edition.
2. Printing surface sub fall off. For film paper for, such as online in the terylene enhancement fall off, are often the result of grinding nets is bad, namely screen coarsening processing is not good enough, attached to the fastness sent to fall off. Another possibility is that bask version time too short, dissolved after the film rise fall off.
Exclude method: one is to increase grinding nets time; Two is to increase the sun version of time. Developing, with fingers in the film surface friction on several rubber surface will be afraid, and produce pinhole. This is because the sun version time enough to cause, so it can other conditions under the condition of invariable bask version time increased. Imaging, nets version of the central image is very good, the film is firm, and the image edge local film but easy to fall off. This kind of phenomenon that bask version time is appropriate. As for the edge off there are three local film may, one is the edge light weak, bask version is insufficient; 2 it is edge local glue too thick; Three is local not dry. Therefore, in view of the above three may find the reasons, corrected ruled out.

Why image edge line off to film?
A: around the image is too thin fillet, bask version of excessive, can make to take off the film difficult. Line edge often and ink contact, every time after printing, and can't will edge ink clean, some ink the ingredients in the film will happen chronic sclerosis, over time, the more difficult it is to take off the membrane. Therefore, every time when completed, must use hole agent (ink detergent) will ink thoroughly.

How to remove nets tablets of turtle?
A: turtle is the main cover of colorants and ink color in the dye formed on the screen, turtle will give two shadow when making a version positioning bring certain difficulties, make the blurriness. Remove turtle can be used for cleaning of turtle shadow 10 minutes, then wash with water.

Whether can be in the screen version is not dry coating on the sensitive glue stick and film paper?
A: wet screen version, not immediately coating photosensitive plastic, also can't let the right away. Because the screen surface is wet water, coating photosensitive plastic, latex and surface floating can't uniform phase soluble and cause serious coating not divide evenly, even besmear not on glue; Sensitization paster, surface floating will reduce sensitization effect. Therefore, we must let the coating or after drying.

How to do a proper glue and use with photographic powder?
A: with glue, it is a small amount of distilled water (about 50 ml), the first photographic powder into solution dissolved, then add to the emulsion, it's easy to mix, won't because stir not divide evenly make photographic solidified into powder particles. Will photographic powder into the latex, should immediately stir well, or piling up in the surface of the photographic emulsion powder, moisture absorption solidification agglomerate, can not stir well. And just matched good photosensitive plastic, not immediately coating, because with glue mixing process will have bubbles, about 2 hours to coating.

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