Global app market new changes
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Global app market new changes

1, the app market over the past few years the new changes
Let us recall the past few years, the change of the app market. From 1980 to 2007, the global culture paper (not including newsprint) consumption have been sustained growth. But since 2007, has a very big change, global culture consumption of paper reached its peak. 2007 years later, began a drastic decline in.
Look again at newsprint, of newsprint situation worse. In the early 2000 s, the world of newsprint consumption has reached its peak. Begin from 2007, because of the information electronically, the newsprint consumption is to slash the downside. Many developed countries and regions newsprint, as early as 1995 began to slide, such as the United States, South Korea, Japan and Europe.
Different countries are not quite the same history also consumption. The United States from 2000 to, the paper consumption culture began to decline, and Japan will begin from 2005 fell and Western Europe is from 2007 began to fall. China, in contrast, consumer also continues to grow. Developed countries before experience can tell us, we will be the future consumption than predicted low.
The main consideration to electronic media consumption of paper the influence of culture, the mature markets of the per capita consumption culture has slowed down the paper.
We talked before the downturn in the U.S. market. In 2007, the United States has 81 of pulp paper production enterprise, including two through the rebuilding changed products, 7 home to clean energy production, and the house was still in a way out, and home has been completely out of the market. The main reason is: demand decreases, equipment aging, of the price hike in raw materials, in bankruptcy law of the reorganization, the pressure of its shareholders for profits. Current market situation look, the enterprise also shut will further increase.
2, paper and cardboard demand forecasting
We of the future market was predicted. By the year 2020, the world paper and cardboard demand forecasting in grew by 1.9%, of toilet paper, boxes of cardboard and corrugated base paper, white paper board relatively fast growth, culture, there is still a paper growth space, but newsprint won't growth.

Moreover, structural factors (mature market, ITC challenge, packing industry from the southeast direction transfer) prevented the developed countries demand recovery, and China and other Asian countries this kind of emerging market to 2020 years ago will continue rapid growth.

Emerging market countries will support the whole of papermaking industry demand growth, with China will be important. 2009 ~ 2020, the paper demand, China and India will be the main drive growth kingdom, and almost 70% of global growth will come from the two countries.
3, China face how to keep a series of challenges in the paper growth
The Chinese market across the growth also brought some problems. Such as the problem of excess capacity, from 2007 to 2008, China's new capacity of the world new capacity by 80%, from 2009 to 1012, a proportion may be reduced, but still occupied the main proportion. In addition, excess capacity problem not only in China, the whole of Asia are facing this problem, but also more and more serious.
Today, China's enterprises equipment level in the world and other countries and regions have temperament, many mill has been with the most advanced and is an international scale equipment, so the company strategy should be upgraded. Enterprise multi-purpose increase investment to before grabbing market, and now the company should pay more attention to other strategic way, such as machine operational management. Specific include what content?
The first is to improve the efficiency of machines, including the reduction of energy and water consumption, and the design of the main performance indexes and equipment maintenance plans, can improve efficiency.
The second can focus on the whole paper mills and improvement of the management level, including supply chain management, success, market development and the appropriate purchase plan.
How to improve the mill operation management? Must first understand the operation condition of the factory, next to the other high level factory is at home and abroad, find out their own gap, understand the cause of the gap, and finally find the best solutions, the propulsion of scheme is also important.
The pulp and paper enterprise assets performance improvement, operation management methods.
We found that, in fact, every mill have can progress of space. Bailey in Europe and America, a lot of successful cases, and to promote the enterprise operational management level. From our filed experience, the factory can by the improvement of management or through the less investment, can improve 5% ~ 10% of total sales, this is the paper mill can focus on place

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