Common printing paper expounds characteristics
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Common printing paper expounds characteristics

Glossy paper
Paper and coated paper says, this paper is on the base paper coating a layer of white paste made of light by pressing. Paper surface smooth, white degree is higher, the paper fiber distribution even, thickness is consistent, flexibility is small, have good flexibility and better antioxidant properties and the tensile properties of water, the printing ink absorption sex and receiving state is very good. Paper is mainly used for printing the picture album, cover, postcards, elegant product samples and color trademark, etc. Paper printing pressure when shoulds not be too big, want to choose the offset printing ink and colophony light ink. To prevent the back stick dirty, can use and prevent dirty agent, powder spraying method, etc. Paper have single, double two kinds.
Weight: 70,80,100,105,115,120,128,150,157,180,200,210,240,250 (g/m2)
Among them: 105115128157 (g/m2) import more paper specification
Flat paper specification: 648 x 953, 787 x 970, 787 x 1092 (at present domestic no drum paper).
889 x 1194 for imported topper paper specification.

The TuBanZhi is letterpress books, magazines main paper. Apply to the important, scientific books, journals, college teaching text paper. TuBanZhi materials according to the proportion of different ingredients paper, can be divided into the no. 1, no. 2, 3 and 4 four levels. The representative of the serial number of paper paper quality level, the greater the serial number of the less paper. Toppan letterpress printing paper mainly for use. This paper with the characteristics of newsprint similar, but not identical. Because the material ratio and size paper pulp of knock at solution is better than newsprint, TuBanZhi fibrous tissue is evener, at the same time, the space between the fiber and a certain amount of packing and compound filled, and bleached, this form of this kind of paper printing has better adaptability. And a slightly different newsprint, its ink absorbency newsprint is not good, but it has the characteristics of absorbing ink uniform; Water resistance performance and paper white degrees are good in newsprint. TuBanZhi has character even, and not burr and flexibility, not the slightly transparent, a bit of water performance, there is some mechanical strength and other characteristics.
Weight: (49 ~ 60) ± 2 g/m2
Flat paper specification: 787 x 1092850 x 1168880 x 1230; And some special size of paper.

Newsprint also called white poster paper, newspapers and books is the main paper; Apply to newspapers, periodicals, such as comic books, text paper. The characteristics of newsprint have: paper loose light, rich good flexibility; Ink absorption performance is good, it ensures that the ink can be to the fixation on paper; The paper by pressing both sides after light smooth, no burr, so that the two sides imprinting is clear and full; Have certain mechanical strength; Opaque properties is good; Suitable for high speed of offset presses for printing. This paper based on mechanical pulp (or other chemical pulp) as raw material to produce, contains a lot of lignin and other magazines, should not be stored for a long time. Save time is too long, yellow paper will become fragile, resistance to water performance is poor, should not be writing, etc. Must use newspapers ink or book printing ink, printing ink viscosity not exorbitant, lithography must strictly control layout moisture.
Weight: (49 ~ 52) ± 2 g/m2
Flat paper specification: 787 x 1092, 850 x 1168, 880 x 1230

The glazed printing paper
The glazed printing paper mainly for lithography (offset printing) printing press or other printing press printed superior color print use, such as color pictorial, the picture album, posters, color printing trademark and some senior covers of books, pictures, etc. The glazed printing paper pulp material according to the proportion, propelled into no. 1 and 2 number three, have single and double division, and super pressure light and common pressure light two levels. The glazed printing paper loft small for printing ink absorbency of uniform, smooth degree good, not transparent texture closely, whiteness, resistance to water performance is strong. Should choose offset printing ink and conjunctival type a better quality of stamping printing ink. The viscosity of the ink also is unfavorable and exorbitant, can appear otherwise off powder, roughening phenomenon. Also to avoid sticking on the back of dirty, generally USES the prevent dirty agent, powder spraying or clip mounts.
Weight: 50,60,70,80,90,100,120,150,180 (g/m2)
Flat paper specification: 787 x 1092, 850 x 1168, 880 x 1230

Painting newspaper
Painting the texture of the newspaper, smooth white, used for printing pictorial, pictures and posters, etc.
Weight: 65,90,120 (g/m2)
Flat paper specification: 787 x 1092

Written paper
The written paper also called the book PiZhi, is printed books with cover of paper. The written paper when making paper added pigment, grey, blue, cream-colored color, etc.
Weight: 80100120 (g/m2)
Flat paper specification: 690 x 960787 x 1092

Press grain paper
Pressure paper paper is specializing in the production of a cover adornment paper. The surface of the paper is one of a very obvious pattern. Color points grey, green, ivory and pink wait for color, usually used for printing monochrome cover. Press grain of paper brittle, binding spine fracture when easily. When printing paper for larger bending, into the paper difficulties, influence printing efficiency.
Weight: 120 ~ 40 g/m2
Flat paper specification: 787 x 1092

Dictionary paper
The dictionary is a kind of advanced paper thin paper books, thin paper but strong resistance to fold, white paper meticulous, texture closely smooth, slightly transparent, has the certain resistance to water performance. Mainly used for printing the dictionary, dictionaries, manuals, classic books and the page number, easy to carry more of the books. The dictionary for the pressure in the printing process paper and ink have higher demand, so when printing in process must pay special attention to.
Weight: 25 ~ 40 g/m2
Flat paper specification: 787 x 1092

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