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The biggest characteristic is silk screen printing ink layer thickness

Screen printing the greatest characteristic is printing ink layer thickness, and can be adjusted at will, so the printing method can be best highlights effect. Traditionally, screen printing in the packaging and trademark security printing fields, and is not main in the printing process, but according to the domestic and overseas market to the development of packaging, screen printing in the packaging field has displayed a counterfeit prevention printing more robust growth situation. Screen printing and other printing mode by the combined use of, in the packaging and printing market gradually in the occupied an important position.

With high precision printing of rotary screen printing unit with flexible printing printing, make its application range is more widely, especially in the following nine aspects:

1. To enhance the attraction of the products, the empty through effect design, need to use a very strong color or pl ink, etc.;

2. Some more of the bad environment in the use of tags, such as batteries labels, paint tags;

3. Need to emphasize the product brand and identification of products, such as drug means that tag, injection, etc.;

4. Some ingredients according to the law, need to alert the user, including blind;

5. Need to get gold, silver metal, such as the design of the effect;

6. Need a simple and delicate decoration effect, such as the use of screen printing to printing area of the field and the ", and no longer printing fine words;

7. In tobacco package or cosmetic packing appeared on float protruding, grinding effect;

8. Use screen printing ink layer thickness, the characteristics of printing "cover cover award", all kinds of lottery securities;

9. Use light screen printing ink, temperature change change screen printing ink, can improve the valuable and high-grade trademark security function.

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