Prepress typesetting must pay attention to the problem
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Prepress typesetting must pay attention to the problem
In prepress typesetting process will often encounter some problems, such as: the lost word, word mismatch, garbled, image distortion and so on. Actually many problems pay attention in production can be avoided, here will be some problems which need to pay attention to, for your reference.
1. Some of the RIP in the treatment of 0% from 100% Pagemaker6.5 software FaPai gradient occurs a clearly and enthusiastically in Phptoshop gradient image noise can be solve this problem.
2. Some of the RIP in dealing with the information the larger puzzle software FaPai TIFF figure error happens, so large amount of information of the image is stored as best EPS format into FaPai again.
3. Many do typesetting staff knows, can not choose text bold, when dealing with text might cause words have double edge, if you need to use coarser, should use font with thicker lines.
4. Select the font you need to use the typesetting songs installed fonts. If using a phototypesetter TURETYPE not installed in the font, then you need to choose to download fonts, but OS8.5, OS8.6 system download for dealing with some problems, sometimes have to throw stroke problems need to pay attention to.
5. FaPai check before stamping
Pagemaker in automatic stamping, but need to do some colors, lines, Freehand, Ⅲ ustrator embossed software need to set the black version, etc. For other colors need embossing need to set your own in the software. Especially pay attention to check the gray is set after the black version of the stamping place should not be embossed.
6. Direct FaPai ustrator software completes the page speed is slow, sometimes page size have change, it can be save as EPS file into Pagemaker FaPai, speed faster, but not embossed effect, so need to select FaPai way according to the page.
7. In the process of typesetting, especially Chinese and English mixed, note do not use JiHang and forced JiHang, because it tends to make the page displayed on the screen end is aligned, but not the result of actual output to complete this function.
8. Use PC platform FaPai into typesetting software, try to avoid using download fonts for output, the problems of the risk is very high, often there will be messy code problem, should be installed on the PC platform and RIP and the same character.
9. The output in the PC platform using the WORD on the page, should pay attention to the page for monochrome page, because the WORD to produce colorful pages are RGB mode, the output will has certain problem, even in RIPK error separation are often.
10. The image it is best not to spin in the typesetting software, cutting and scaling. Rotating images in typesetting software will increase FaPai yes, amount of calculation increase FaPai time; In typesetting software in image display is coarse, cutting, narrowing the image is not accurate, and the cutting, narrow way is not to reduce image information, can't shorten FaPai time; In typesetting software in the magnified image will absence made the image quality. So the image rotation, cutting and scaling of the best in the scanning and image processing software. (Gold Printing Group)
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