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Analyses the concept of digital proofing
Use large high-precision inkjet printer to print out and print a sample of color is very close. To colour and print close, color management software must be used in advance, will print color correction accurately, to pull the file by RIP explanation, and then to print, print color was used to simulate real print. Second, digital proofing paper used is special. The same graphic, printed on different paper, colour is not the same. Digital proofing ink-jet printing, it is colour effect changes in different paper and ink printed on different paper on the effects of different changes. Now a wide variety of paper, so digital proofing printing effect only in one of the most commonly used glossy paper as the simulation object, but the proofing is the a kind of paper of a similar paper. Digital proofing systems, however, not only can output of FM network structure and a sample of continuous tone, but also can output and subsequent actual printing exactly the same (number of dot line, dot shape, branch Angle and outlet area) am dot structure sample. Even haven't output separation film or plate is not printing, can see from sample for actual printing effect, including if there is a turtle grain, whether there is rose spots and so on, is really what you see is what you get. (Gold Printing Group)
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