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Common problems in the process of printing file output
1, is considering the original big file proofing
Should be passed eventually file in black and white laser typescript or color proof. If it is through the phone line and modem will file passed to the printing service providers, should be sure and fax the laser printing sample or send the proofing sample. To confirm sample is passed to the printing service provider or printers of the same electronic file.
If the page is too large to print the same as the actual size of the original sample, be sure to mark shrink ratio on the sample. Color printing should live on the laser printer print out color separation proof (in the form of black and white). In addition to the color proof to the printers, you should also provide color sample, sure each color separation proof is correctly marked with the color. And check the color sample color is correct and the chromatic number of color separation. If the offer is black and white and synthetic sample, should be clearly marked with different color printing parts.
2, is to convert all color from red, green and blue to Huang Pinqing black pattern
If there is no to convert images in your electronic file for Huang Pinqing black pattern, then the printed image is likely to be black and white image or partial color is not acceptable.
Remember that of all colors in the files are named, and image processing applications in the design and introduction of image color should also ensure to use exactly the same name.
Unless you plan to use special color printing small patch or common color, otherwise, all colors should be sure to use Huang Pinqing black sets the mode. As long as the whole page layout program allows, small color piece area also should convert color mode.
3, whether marked the printing of characters in the live
Should indicate the name, version and quantity of all characters and fonts (TrueType or Postscript), sure you is to choose the character menu, such as GaramondBold real characters, rather than from the style menu select a style as "bold". Also should to consult prepress service provider or a printer on character file requirements. In some RIPs, TrueType and Type1Postscript characters between mutual interference can cause character substitution, and strings.
4, whether can be bleeding when there is a need for printing
Bleeding should be sure all the printing are extending to the page edge according to the requirements of printer. In full page layout programs to realize image bleeding is very convenient, but relatively time consuming costly when printing.
5, whether to mark all the matters needing attention
In the disk, portable media, print proof and sample should be clearly set forth the name, address and contact phone number. In the passed to the printing service providers, in short, all of the files or printers or media should have clearly marked. At the same time should to print service provider or a send printers you have passed all the files or media list. (Gold Printing Group)
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