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Paper printing printing
Commercial paper forms including commercial activities in various forms, notes, securities, information recording paper, etc., such as check invoice, insurance policy, catering services, rental, the welfare lottery ticket, postal POS single, an airline ticket, etc.
Paper printing is an important part of business forms printing, the application department for taxation, banking, transportation, post and telecommunications, and other important industries. Because most of paper has a certain value, so the requirement for the quality of printing is high, need to take some anti-counterfeiting means at the same time. All kinds of paper forms while differ in thousands ways, but not in all sizes, number of uniqueness identification instrument, at the same time have a certain security.
Embossed number are mostly taken in modern paper printing way, the number is on a simple variable information, with the development of economy and the prosperity of business, industry has higher requirement for paper, paper printing technology is becoming more and more complex, the offset printing, embossed, flexographic printing, screen printing and other printing, variable information, such as, bar code, the qr code, personalized information, such as winning information is becoming more and more popular. And traditional way of printing have already can't satisfy the variable information printing on paper, must rely on printing device to solve.
Taking a large printing companies printing's award-winning norm blew open invoices as an example, the printing process is: the back black 1 - back black 2 - on the back of the ads (yellow) - on the back (magenta) and AD (green) on the back - flip - rainbow printing background to black label and par word - anti-fake seal - spurts India Banks and winning information - print isolation oil - printed silver 1 - scratch scratch silver and 2 - cut sheet. Among them, the sprayed printed winning information is done by printing system. (Gold Printing Group)
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