National ethos printing market cloud chung investment difficult
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National ethos printing market cloud chung investment difficult
According to the China securities journal reported that U.S. regulators, according to documents released latest news corp (NWS), chairman and chief executive rupert murdoch on February 13, sold 1.396 million shares at $28.72 a share price news group class B shares, raised about $40 million. The herald newspaper printing encounter challenges in the future.
In the face of turbulent international situation and the debt crisis in Europe intensified, countries will print in the New Year how chapter of? And under the strong impact of digital media, the traditional printing enterprise will be how to deal with again?
The printing enterprise investment difficult
According to market research firm ibis world, according to the latest report printing market size is now $77 billion in the United States, from 2007 to 2012 the average annual growth rate of 6.2%, employees 463904 people, the number 26176.
The printing industry is very competitive, and with the popularity of digital technology and e-commerce, the scope of traditional printing market is becoming more and more narrow. In addition, due to the rising record-keeping, dealers will have to raise prices to maintain normal profits. Even so, the printing enterprise will be able to find the niche markets by developing new business opportunities, and by using advanced technology to improve workers' working efficiency.
Overall, the printing industry admittance threshold is not high, the industry there are a lot of small businesses, and market concentration is not high, the domestic big four printing enterprise's operating income is less than 20% of the printing industry revenue. Therefore, large enterprises to the market's influence is not big. In addition, the lack of professional printing industry industry laws and regulations, printing enterprises comply with environmental laws and regulations and the other is identical to that of manufacturing industry.
For want to enter the United States printing enterprise, at present the biggest difficulties is a large amount of investment is for offset printing or digital printing machine, in the way of financial resources is a serious test.
Japan software service status
Benefiting from the rapid growth of the population increase, economic and information technology boom, Japan's printing industry in 1997 reached a peak before and after, but as the bankruptcy of lehman brothers, the former Japanese prime minister yukio hatoyama proposed the implementation of the plan to reduce emissions (co2 emissions by 20%) and electronic devices such as iPad, the outbreak of the revolution, Japan's printing industry slump again. Although the price of the ink and paper and printing are shipped in 2009 fell to the lowest history, market demand is also reduced, but the printing is still on the path of the recovery.
By 2020, Japan's printing size will shrink further, which means using less printing enterprises to accomplish more tasks. Although the prospect of commercial and publication printing is not favored by people, but, special packaging and label printing is still a choice of printing enterprise. Software and services will enhance the position in Japan's printing industry.
With many printing companies in the United States gradually transition to marketing service providers, Japan's printing companies are also developed to the direction of "solution provider", of course, Japan and the United States in culture and marketing have very big difference on the way. But those who can take the new technology, offers a variety of services, and has certain characteristics of the printing enterprise must occupy the leading position in the market of printing in the future.
British building comprehensive printing service provider
Kathy Woodward, chief executive of British printing industry federation (KathyWoodward), said in an interview with British media that the UK printing industry in 2013, the biggest opportunity is to prove to consumers that prints the innovation capabilities of and return on investment, the shortage of funds is the printing enterprise in the New Year the biggest bottleneck.
Woodward argues that Britain's printing enterprise want to gain greater room for growth in the market, you should put yourself into a comprehensive printing service providers, to provide printing services that cover the whole supply chain, and demonstrate their ability in terms of return on investment.
Back in 2012, Woodward think enterprises should put more attention to how to improve management and exploit the market, rather than do something meaningless. (Gold Printing Group)
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