Dairy industry became the new packaging
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Dairy industry became the new packaging
With China's rapid economic, health development, China bagger has already become a most development potential of the industry, and will have broad market space. The urbanization rate will be from the current 39.1% to 60% in 2020. China's urban residents grew by an average 1%, from the current 502 million increase to 2020 in nine hundred million or so, The national urban agglomeration from the current main three increased to a dozen distribution will be more reasonable. The 2001 Nobel economic prize for one of the SiDiGeLiCi (J.S tiglitse) China's urbanization and the United States of the high-tech and listed as the 21st century human development process of the two key factors, and that the new century in China for the challenges and opportunities is urbanization. The comprehensive construction well-off society's grand goal ─ ─ the economy more developed, the democracy more perfect, science and technology more progress, cultural prosperity, social harmony, people's life more substantial, and people-oriented, man and coordinated development of the economy and society in the 21st century is the development of packaging industry put forward higher request, it also brings new opportunities for development.
Dairy and beverage industry in China in recent years has become one of the most growth industry, along with the people to pay more attention to health, milk drinks products and related packaging products emerge in endlessly. At the same time, aseptic filling technology, beer, milk SuPing pet packaging technology, is being more and more manufacturers have value and use.
In addition to a charm of the domestic market, China has the same products export market. After the entry into WTO, China's main export products exports is expected to increase each year of $8 billion to $10 billion or so. Product exports increase, will surely promote the growth of the corresponding product packaging. (Gold Printing Group)
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