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About the current situation of the development of the printing books and periodicals
Then, in the printing of the traditional printing market in the status quo always send out the sound of heartache. In fact, don't need to. Printing industry celebrity class, · randa once said: "the development of digital printing for twenty years, and now only 2% of the printing business adopting digital printing, while the other 98% still use offset finish. Offset in a few years later will remain......" In fact, offset and digital printing will be complementary coexist, not is opposite to the relationship, especially books printing, there will be its reasonable living space. Recently, in the group issued by the 2011 ~ 2012 year star cup printing and packaging top ten selection experts review meeting, the author found that China's traditional printing enterprise after the 2012 downturn market after baptism, the scale and strength in the transformation process and not weaken, but is conform to the development of the market demand, especially in the publication printing industry chain, gave rise to read a new format.
"Xinhua" industrial chain advantage more prominence
At the beginning of this year, the ministry of finance, the ministry of education to determine the winter vacation since 2013, our country will be the national rural primary and secondary school students of grade 1 to 9 free "xinhua dictionary. In the whole year of 2013 will be expected for the rural elementary and middle school students with the xinhua dictionary nearly one hundred million copies in 2014, a year after the countryside elementary school for a freshman to provide the xinhua dictionary about 20 million books.
The government not only the largest single to publishing, printing industry has brought a stable business, but also make some its no printing enterprise publishing group consciousness to knitting, printing, hair the benefits of integration.
As is known to all, in some province, xinhua system printing enterprise through merger restructuring, integration of resources, relying on upstream publishing group business will continue to grow and develop, some enterprises in the international market.
In 2012, a lot of books and periodicals printing enterprise alike, but has the advantage of group, and downstream industry chain support books printing enterprise is greater than the state-owned enterprises to better days.
At present, in Beijing area, printing enterprise can rely on publishing group, and almost no. In the past some press subordinates have printers, but after decades of reform and development, some enterprise through the merger and reorganization has from printing enterprises on the roster on disappeared, some enterprises to do the culture industrial park, some enterprises through the restructuring state-owned enterprises into the joint-stock enterprise, some enterprise rely on real estate resources do real estate business, by the landlord get by.
China printing technology association executive vice chairman has revealed that the Beijing area this vacancy, in the near future will turn, Beijing books printing market also will appear new situation.
Private joint ventures to underrate
In many books printing enterprise, issued by group, director group, Beijing ChengTong, li &fung accor, hualian printing and so on foreign and private enterprises, in the industry are influential and visibility of the enterprise. Among them, the issued by shenzhen offset printing business in shenzhen area occupy larger market share.
LiuJing said the private enterprise, whether management idea or concept of environmental protection and energy saving, in books and periodicals printing industry belongs to walk in front of the enterprise, it brings the idea of traditional books printing enterprise never think of. (Gold Printing Group)
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