On board the printing techniques and the matters needing attention
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On board the printing techniques and the matters needing attention

In the actual printing field version does not work often meeted during the plain phenomenon, past first consider printing pressure and the paper, usually in the adjustment of the printing pressure can't solve the problem, can only change paper, but such not only increase the printing costs, and delay production cycle. The following two example we through the adjustment of the printing process method made this problem got fundamentally solved.
Ex 1: in the actual production often meet 30% ~ 50% of magenta edition with 100% green version of the proofs blue field, due to bad paper often appear rednet (hair flower phenomenon, and switch to paper good paper problems were solved, apparently caused by this paper is the main cause of fault. But can you through the process of adjustment to solve this problem? Through the analysis, the color printing conventional sequence is black, green, yellow, magenta. Magenta nets to superimpose printed in just of the green field. To prevent the strip, and reduce the magenta inks viscosity, increase the green ink viscosity, the problem is still not solved. Although with imported ink effect is better, but still not ideal. After analysis, four color machine is due to ShiShi dieyin, in the wet spot on dieyin another color, transfer printing effect is poor, printing ink transfer rate is low, try to magenta and green printing color sequence exchange, first printing rednet (, such magenta nets can 100% to transfer paper, transfer rate in the highest, and green version field more than half of the area may also directly transfer printing on paper, so that printed out the prints and very flat, problems are the fundamental solutions, even if in the paper also with quality almost can print real.
Example 2: a, use 150 g/m2 the glazed printing paper books cover, the screen has large green version on the ground. Looking for rule of use is paper, and field very flat, to 150 g/m2 when the glazed printing paper field hair flower is serious, and increase the printing pressure also invalid, obviously the glazed printing paper paper rough, close ink caused by bad property. In the second group because of blue, paper close ink sex differences, and ink combined with rickety, printed on green ink will last two groups of rubber cloth on the part of stripped off. So single printing green ink will will not print flat? We will machine the rest from the pressure of color, only blue print, print out the results of field very flat, so we adjusted the printing color sequence, green version on the final will be a group, printing hair flower troubleshooting.

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