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Primary colors printing and special color printing difference

Any colour is by nature a primary colors, so in theory the green, product, yellow, three pieces of color version can be printed out vivid image, but restricted by various factors print is difficult to meet the colors of a bit. So in printing practice the usual is four-color printing, namely the colors and black. In recent years in the world in order to more vivid color to reduction, in four-color printing again on the foundation of the development of the six color printing, seven color printing, its principle is based on four color in the color orange, again will composite purple, green wait for color isolated, so that in printing to reduce the effect of high fidelity gray. In order to distinguish with special color printing, usually we to natural color design through the optical or digital technology and the reduction of printing color separation are called primary colors printing (can be understood as reduction color printing), it and optical, color to the primary colors (only three primary colors) concepts are different.
Here it is unbleached printing and special color printing is not incompatible. In the world, the latest development of the color printing is primary colors and special hue with primary colors only printing, the play of the two bureau chief, bring out the best in each other, have more advanced printing effects, belongs to the fine print. It on a T-shirt printed in also get the full play of the status of the points. The author had seen a American made t-shirts, for a total of 12 color printing, in addition to the four primary colors, and also comes with 8 sets of special color, among them except the color with gold and silver, especially with foam printing and crystal plasma printing, the effect of stereo feeling extremely strong and special parts not only shine, it's amazing.
Color plate making draft
Color is used for photographic plate draft make corresponding color separation nets plate. The quality requirement is a substrate pervious to light performance is good, and the second is the high density of image shading, three is the color separation between the adjustment of registration precision to have the right, and the image edge bright and clean and tidy, network lines full clear.
(1) color separation of f positioning typically use the graticule marker as the base, but in the sun in the process often to version of the color separation put, or both make a mistake, or graphics upside down, we use is left is the right way of playing positioning graticule marker, namely the left for +, right for x, so to eliminate the error.
(2) the red tear film price is more expensive, and not easy to buy, so can use red tape paper from instead. As long as the only glue stick on red PVC thin film (after in the original or lines on the draft), can use kedao kehui....... Because the red tape paper from pervious to light quality is much less than the red tear film, so the light table should be bright lights of drawing some. So, can achieve a low prices, shading effect is good, and the line is bright and clean, is not afraid of the water wet, more is better modify convenient tear off--as long as to stick moment can, and a red tear is not to touch the moment, ink painting also can only do small changes.
(3) if the two pieces of printing color version of the design not connected or overprint, would consider two color draft in A draw on the diaphragm, sun, when the two bask version), A version of the closed B, B edition closed A design pattern. Even also can be basked system a version, in AB design and a between the ink belt, with a version also printed two color.
Hand-made draft
Hand-made draft is the most basic of traditional method, mainly for the hand draw draft and hand carved draft.
Hand-made draft tools mainly has: the light drawing table (OA table), drawing ink pens, drawing compasses, the set square, the curve board, paper cutting knives, ruler, drawing PVC thin film, PCV thin film, red ink drawing tear film, the red tape paper, etc.
Hand-made draft, the first to have a light tracing draft table, light source is commonly fluorescent lamp, such as using incandescent lamp, it should use ground glass or in the glass of a copy paper posted below, so that the light is downy only easy on the eyes. Such as temporary places at home or to MiaoTu, emergency way is will the square stool on the ground, four the stool lap a piece of glass, the following put a desk lamp, can use.
Drawing the ink pen, use the needle tube pen, written diameter 0.2 ~ 1.3 mm. To prevent written jams, can put inside in a bottle of a hollow cotton (or sponge, etc), add half a bottle of water, mapping pen when the pen that stop insert in the bottle, so can make written no longer jam.
Ruler for red tear film and carved from sticky paper. Use the set square, curve drawing board, should will face down bevel edge, in order to avoid the ink was' side towing.

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