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The common problems and printing solutions

A little ink fountain, clean experience
Put a and ink fountain width of the ink with cellophane tape about scraper, pull out of duct tape can be thrown away. With offset printing machine especially in small print live a short edition printing, the use of this method can be quick, convenient cleaning ink fountain.
Second, printing field a method
Gold printing have also set up special color printing field of printing business, with 80 g/m2 paper. According to conventional should bask in a field PS printing, but we use waste PS version printed out the good quality, field full of not hair flower field print, was praised by the customers. Particular way is: choose a layout level off, no lens bump and damage phenomenon rest assured the old PS version, printing, this version of the opposite face is showing, positive ChaoLi, not sheung shui, only the ink.
In printing paper, in order to prevent reverse stick dirty, had better use the fast dry ink. For 8% of g adhesive, of the sticky dirty is very effective. The printing ink to join g adhesive, not only can prevent sticky dirty and will not affect color saturation, and ink layer appear more bright, clear, and more convenient post-press processing, such as pressure light, film coating, hot stamping, etc.
Here, g adhesive alternative dry oil anti adhesion dirty materials.
Three, offset printing flower version, and paste edition troubleshooting
Flower version, and paste edition is offset the most commonly occurs in the failure one of the timely discovery and solution, is to improve the printing quality, reduce scrap rate inevitable way. Here is lead to flower version, paste the version of the common reasons were summarized, and proposed the corresponding solution for your reference.
1. The flower version
(1) water supply is too large;
But by decrease roller corner or reduce basin basin roller speed solve.
(2) water glue water accumulation in the velvet too much
Make water roller suspension sheung shui state in operation, to consume water absorption of excessive hair glue water, or scrape board shave their water glue in excessive moisture hair.
(3) ink emulsification serious
Replaceable ink have a try.
(4) water between rollers and pressure plate
Reduce water roller pressure can.
(5) ink forme roller and between small pressure plate
Increase the pressure of ink forme roller can.
(6) a version for too long
The problem must be from plate by changing plate to thoroughly solved.
2. Paste edition
(1) water shortage
By strengthening the basin roller can improve speed to increase the corner or on the amount of water.
(2) less inland basin, causing water supply shortage
When using manual adding water most prone to the fault. Solution: to add water in the basin, ensure sufficient supply.
(3) the water roller or water roller water-binder flocking wear serious and cause sheung shui bad such cases should be replaced glue water hair.
(4) basin the roll surface attached ink oily impurities, because the water in the reactive ink
Will roll scrub clean can basin.
(5) water glue flocking or string of roll surface water ink too much, and cause water over the water glue water clean hair or roller, problems will be solved.
(6) water roller pressure between the water or rollers and between the plate insufficient pressure can try to adjust the pressure.
(7) ink forme roller and between plate stress
Adjustment pressure.
(8) ink amount is too big
Need to reduce the amount to the ink.
(9) ink forme roller close early time
First, be enough water to the ink.
(10) plate surface exposure, causing the hydrophilic bad plate must be replaced.
The flowers in the offset printing paste the version, version, in addition to the plate itself outside, in the final analysis, or ink imbalance. Practice shows that the offset printing ink of balance best before don't dirty not paste on the basis of the amount of water as possible, of course, there is no water except the offset printing. Grasp the ink balance, to print out the good products.

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