Many methods of printing proofing
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Many methods of printing proofing

A, mechanical proofing method
Mechanical proofing also called simulation to pull. It is to be in commonly and printing conditions under the same basic, (such as paper, printing ink, printing mode, etc), the original system with a good plate, installation at sampling machine, printing, get tear sheets, then compares the manuscript or format design pattern could check, until the order, colour, text, the page size and correct so far, finally signed by the customer, can print.
Mechanical proofing, although is simulated and printing, but the transfer principle of mechanical proofing ink, the use of printing materials and printing environment and actual printing often inconsistent, therefore, from on the tear sheets to obtain samples of the original color, reproducibility and printing machine for feature of total have difference, in order to narrow the, the difference at present have developed much color to be automatic play a prototype, and applied for printing production in.
Second, the proofing method
The play, do not need to plate, paper, ink and playing a prototype, and the use of special photographic materials, the application of optical and photochemical principle, color sample or get with screen shows, found image information processing of the problems, and modify the, improve the efficiency of the mechanical proofing.
(a) photographic materials pulls the method
This method has CaiSePian fold the lawful, color cascade, electrostatic proofing legal method. The photosensitive material of a coating of basis, then and the corresponding color separation and network film with exposure, dense, and made into monochrome yellow, magenta, blue, black piece, the composite together, combined into color images. Also in the monochrome color piece will be transferred to the base material layer samples, the formation of color tear sheets.
(2) computer aided proofing method
This method has a soft proofing and hard to pull.
Soft proofing, the use of computer aided color proofing system, in the display screen to see color images, unable to get the tear sheet.
Hard pull, use of color-a whole page of the system output data, in hard proofing system for tear sheets. Hard proofing system, general by terminal, the keyboard, the floppy drive device, laser recording system and online photo imaging machine etc. Can also will be a whole page-machine data, through the color inkjet machine for tear sheets.
(3) electronic proofing method
This proofing methods, to adapt to the development of the main increasingly color desktop publishing system, use inkjet printers or the sublimation printer get tear sheets.
Inkjet printers, print head is installed is very fine nozzle, use the spray nozzle will ink on paper. There are four the print head, three the print head and a print head variety of models.
The sublimation printers, print head more than installed temperature sensing elements, they will be color ribbon on the transparent dye, melting to paper, each color mutual cover, composite out of the picture looks color images.

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