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CD the technical features of the offset printing without water

The development of the printing technology that offset joined the ranks of the compact disc printing, also can say, is people to the requirements of the compact disc printing quality continuously improve the triggered a new measures to appear.
At present, the main equipment supplier CD offset Germany card firm, Taiwan Henderson, crown, India, and Japanese culture, such as the seiko waist, they also CD nets printing equipment of the main suppliers. Offset printing brought its intervention in the CD in paper printing shows excellent quality, for CD printing injected fresh blood.
Common CD offset printing equipment has two kinds: one kind is the cylinder offset printing equipment, one kind is net printing unit add back-end offset printing OuDeJiao silk combination equipment.
Offset in the disc printing the characteristics of basically has the following points.
1. Ink layer thin
Offset printing ink layer general in 2 ~ 3 μ m, compared with nets seal, offset printing ink layer thin, stereo feeling also is bad. Corresponding to the land, and the ink light curing speed, printing ink low consumption, not easy because the contraction of ink and cause deformation of the plate, plate small effects of roughness, particularly suitable for DVD of the printing.
2. Printing graphic representation effect is good
Offset printing belong to indirect transfer method, is on the plate and will be transferred to rubber cloth, and then transferred to the disc printing surface, therefore, offset printing dot little deformation. Different from the traditional CD offset printing paper product, total for the no water offset printing, the biggest characteristic is to don't need to wash balance, and no watermark version of the structure is close, offset printing line number can reach 175 ~ 200 line/inch, printing out design clear, simple sense is strong, and of good color reappearance, such as printing some transition when color effect is better, suitable for printing to figures, landscape, as the theme of the graphic, especially some need more color of the proofs adjust our mesh, the effect is better.
3. Less number of dry
The compact disc printing print content is brittle high polycarbonate plastic, printing plate were likely to warp phenomenon, especially for ink on the process of curing light, appear easily blanks this quality problem. Net printing, printing color will dry every single once, and only offset printing in four-color printing finished carries on a dry, especially suitable for DVD printing, this is because DVD thickness of 0.6 mm thick equivalent to two of the CD ROM joint together, thickness tolerance small (CD for 200 μ m, DVD for 1 OO μ m), roughness and higher, less number of dry, will reduce the possibility of warping blanks.
4. The high cost
Offset printing equipment cost is higher, in the disc offset printing equipment just put into market, its price is about screen printing equipment 5-6 times, even now, a offset printing equipment price can still buy 2-3 platform screen printing equipment.
The many people are without water on a CD of printing in offset printing applications, and even some say this is the trend of The Times, the implication of the huge potential printing by many related supplier way highly, and get a rapid development.

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