About printing process temperature on the influence of the printing quality
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About printing process temperature on the influence of the printing quality

A printing press transmission power most used to drive the lose ink device. And in lose ink device, when ink separation, elastic rubber roller rolling and string of ink roll back and forth the string of dynamic mechanical energy into heat when it. So people try to use that string of ink roll and circulating water ink fountain roller constant temperature, try to put the heat from cradle point to discharge. The circulating water in the central water tank, part in printing units of incidental also next unit was transferred to the temperature of the need. Had better use all the constant temperature (cooling and heating), so that lose at the start of the printing ink device before they can reach the standard working temperature.
To adjust to lose the temperature can execute ink device three schemes, in this paper the are compared. The three schemes because in a different place in the determination of the temperature and the amount is different:
1) the volume is each lose ink the surface temperature of the device.
2) the quantity is injected into the ink in ink roll lose device with constant temperature of the water temperature.
3) the amount of the central water tank is constant temperature equipment of water temperature.

· oil cooling
Although in the transmission mechanism offset press transmission and bearing on the heat generated by the relatively small power, but due to the possibility of being is not big, so will cause side parts of fever. In no shield of the transmission parts of the protection of local can feel about 60 ~ C of high temperature, the whole machine for wide temperature uniformity has an adverse effect. Oil cooling role is to make side parts than the hand temperatures not temperature.

· the printing plate cylinder constant temperature
There is no water lack of education version of the offset printing liquid cooling effect. For not lost ink device of constant temperature without water for offset printing machine, is the best way to blow the printing plate cylinder cooling. The only need to lose water offset printing ink device constant temperature. This article introduced in the experiment not listed in the printing plate cylinder constant temperature.

· embellish cools version
The so-called water film or alcohol wetting device are usually the embellish version with cooling liquid water supply, the temperature is about 10 ℃. On the whole, education version for the cooling liquid cooling printing effect is not big. But keep education version of the liquid to reduce alcohol in low temperature and water delivery device mixing efficiency the evaporation, and can improve the education version of the liquid viscosity.

· infrared (old) temperature sensor
All the surface can make infrared ray, the rays of radiation detectors can be sensitive measurements, and as the temperature display. For absolute measure needs calibration or accurate understanding the launch of surface ability. In this paper using infrared temperature sensor is lost in order to measure the surface parts, ink device and the temperature on the rubber cloth, so as to provide with constant temperature adjustment of the amount (adjustment method 1).

· printing the wave
For field density and order tone contours increase three adjustment methods can be used with the ticket printed judgement, and these feature in the printing of mass is from more than 175000 out of the plant. The printing plate is almost the same. Is determining the statistical standard deviation and the maximum and the minimum of the difference between range.

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