Murdoch invest to set up the world's largest printing house
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Murdoch invest to set up the world's largest printing house
According to a report called "the world's largest" printers start in Britain. The printing house boss is media tycoon rupert murdoch, the factory covers an area of equivalent to 23 football every hour, printing more than 100 newspaper.
Ap in February 2013 and days of reports, the printing house is located in the north of London from 32 kilometers, brock byrne, has been put into use before the end of next month, will be fully operational.
Printing house belong to international news company spokesman Daisy · DengLuoPu said, from printing paper quantity measure, the printing house size is the world's largest. The printing shop mainly for the news of rupert murdoch's four British newspaper printing, respectively is the "times", "Sunday times", "the sun" and "the news of the world.
The Associated Press said, murdoch has invested $1.3 billion to build three equipment "advanced technology" printers, the personage inside course of study as a pistol British newspaper important action.
News corporation European and Asian business controller James murdoch said: "the new factory marks our (printing) ability of great progress. For those who think newspaper industry is" sunset "industry people, our investment is a strong response. (Gold Printing Group)
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