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In 2013 the United States influence of packaging industry top ten factors
A few days ago, according to the American packaging machinery manufacturing commission (PMMI) the latest survey report, consumer goods company for the current business situation and market prospects generally optimistic. The economic situation is not stable means that the enterprise must through the restructuring, merger, lean production and sustainable development, and other ways to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.
The United States packaging machinery manufacturing committee market development vice President George said: "the business of constant improvement and the ascension of the rate of return on investment is the most important, the enterprise's ultimate goal is to no matter how economic situation, to realize the profit."
In order to help enterprises to better cope with the market changes, the committee for the packaging industry is facing challenges and opportunities of the ten the inventory.
Difficult to find a good helper
A lot of packaging machinery manufacturers have reflect his own difficult to hire or retain a high level of engineering or operating personnel. As baby boomers that a batch of people's retirement, the enterprise talent shortages will become more serious. In order to deal with this kind of situation, consumer goods companies will usually choose to generation of processing enterprises to help its staff training; The introduction of advanced technology to reduce labor cost; Combined packing or into outsourcing services, etc.
Sustainable and lean production problems:
Reflect enterprise social responsibility
Lean production and sustainable development is to corporate social responsibility and management cost effective way.
George said: "some entrepreneurs say, implementing the strategy of sustainable development and reduce the carbon footprint is enterprise responsibility of a kind of performance, is also a kind of very good commercial practice." In addition, the enterprise's sustainable development ability and lean production can also in the process of production to help end users to control the cost.
Consumer market changes:
A new generation of americans boarded the stage of history
At present, in the mid 1970 s to 90 s generation born has accounted for a third of the total population of the United States, and their age has also increased. They both like the baby boomers born as the generation of product convenience, quality and safety, but also has young people's consumption attitude and more disposable income.
Social media:
Direct customer heart
Social media marketing and communications company provides a and consumer's mind the effective way of communication. Today's American society is the mainstay of the with the Internet and mobile phones generation grew up. The rapid growth of social media make consumers to understand and to buy the products, and many brand also started to use social media for enterprise image management, market research and promotion.
Industry regulations:
Abide by and obey
Packaging of various laws and regulations on product development, processing, packaging and distribution has a huge influence, and according to the professionals forecast, the federal government, state and local governments will also be more and more strict packaging regulations, in order to regulate the market management. In the short term, the food and drug administration modernization of food safety law and its derived some regulations of packaging machinery industry is the biggest influence. So each enterprise must fully understand the laws and regulations, and clear them to the influence of mechanical design.
Operational reliability:
Keep high efficiency and reliability
Each printing and packaging enterprises hope to through the reliable and efficient equipment to reduce down time and improve production efficiency. In the fast changing environment, every customer all hope can in the shortest possible time to obtain the good and cheap products. Therefore, the equipment production efficiency and reliability is the most important.
Materials and packaging innovation:
New ideas, new design, new requirements
The innovation of the material is rapidly changing the idea of packaging design. Lighter weight, less material, cost and consumer habits change, this require packaging enterprises will have to be introduced to deal with new materials and meet the design requirements of the new equipment.
Know production limited
Enterprises in making business strategy must be from the perspective of globalization, and packing and packaging enterprises should also according to the global market to design and production of packaging products. Everyone should be aware of, and now there is no all-conquering packaging solution.
Packaging equipment purchasing process:
Pay attention to every penny
Equipment procurement is a big investment, especially in the circumstance of economic recession, more should be safe and avoid risk. Enterprise in the choose and buy packaging equipment, want to follow one of the most basic standard, is this type of equipment can make them in the market become different, and its price is not beyond the reasonable range.
The green environmental protection:
Easy to realize the green environmental protection
At present, green products and packaging has become all consumer goods companies pursuit of the goal. A lot of consumer are willing to in order to environmental protection products and pay more money.
Thus it can be seen, packaging equipment supplier should keep and generation of processing enterprises closely, the equipment quality, and positive innovation, to meet the market and consumers increasingly changing packaging requirements. (Gold Printing Group)
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